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Excellent quality but be mindful of the size (2023-05-05)
I am 6' 2" and 220lbs. While I take a 44L in the standard bush jacket, I read the reviews which said this dress model was more tailored. They were correct. I ordered a size 46L and it fits perfectly! This is a truly beautifully tailored jacket and excellent quality!

Weidman - US
Generall very good. (2023-02-09)

I ordered a long size but the body of the tunic is still a bit short,
I am not certain as I do not have a regualr size to compare to seames the only difference is the sleeves are longer.
I normally wear a size 44 Long Men's Suit coat

Otherwise details are nce

Fast delivery (2022-05-25)
Great service & product.

Binns - AU
amazing quality (2020-04-18)
nicely tailored, high quality item, first class!

Gardner - UK
Well Made (2019-09-05)
Coat fit like it was tailored for me. Little to no shrinkage, and needed no tailoring at all.

Ragan - US
Superb! (2019-04-09)
Simply Superb. The sleeves are too narrow.

Lubarsky - US
Great Item (2019-01-20)
Looks great & Super Fast shipping.

Snelle levering (2018-09-28)
Mooie jas

Seliger - NL
Great (2018-05-11)
A fine jacket, very well made

Bouchaud - FR
Super (2018-05-09)
Beautiful jacket!

Plott - DE
Super (2016-09-14)
All good...

Kurtz - AU
very good, quick delivery (2016-07-29)
dood service!

Waltenberg - DE
Great quality (2016-05-15)
Excellent quality and pattern runs a little snug in the chest and tummy

Pierce - US
RAF khaki jackets - a BIG thank you (2016-01-04)
Hello Wajed - many thanks for your great service!! Items arrived and are very well made and attention to authenticity is excellent! Both items fit almost perfect, but yes, need to order one size a bit smaller. Thank you once again for quality service. Best regards, Anthony

W Jones (2014-09-02)
Excellent value good quality

Jones - US
uk khaki tunic (2014-04-11)
Well done item.Thank you.

Miyahara - JP
RAF jacket (2014-02-27)
As always Jerry. Outstanding product and great service. Good on Ya.

Simmons - US
UK RAF Officer Khaki Drill Service Dress Tunic (2013-08-14)
Bit big for the shorter man (I'm 5'32), sleeves are too long. But the Jacket is well made with good material.

Dawson - GB
RAF Jacket (2013-08-13)
This is a beautifully made item, the fit is perfect, again i am impressed with my order, thank you

Gardner - GB
Customer, longtime (2013-07-08)
It was very nicely made. It also fit perfectly. I took it to an old tailor to have the sleeves shortened and he remarked about how well it was made. Do you have any British buttons coming available? (Scots Guards)

MacMullen - US
Customer, longtime (2013-07-08)
It was very nicely made. It also fit perfectly. I took it to an old tailor to have the sleeves shortened and he remarked about how well it was made.

MacMullen - US
CO 59th CA (2013-07-02)
Great coat, fits perfectly, having the sleeves altered, tailor says it's "well made" Now I only need to change the buttons.

Bill MacMullen

MacMullen - US
KD Dress Tunic (2013-03-06)
Very well made. Size is right on for shoulders, need to take in the waist and belt a bunch. Sleeves unfinished and plenty long for my long arms.

Barnes - US
RAF jacket (2012-08-28)
very good quality some tailoring to do no problem always good to deal whit WPG

D.ST-Jean - ontario CANADA
RAF Jacket (2012-08-14)
Outstanding Jerry. It came quickly and perfectly. Once the sleeves were adjusted it looked just like it came from the regimental tailors. I will be ordering more as they are great for my work and give me a professional Commonwealth appearance. My customers love it.

Jeff RSM/Really Tired

Simmons - US
UK RAF Officer Khaki Drill Service Dress Tunic (2012-02-20)
Very nice jacket, need to get a size up, otherwise the shoulders are to tight.

Harbs - US
RAF jacket (2011-10-18)
this is an ourstanding jacket , my only con is that the upper sleeves could be a little larger for people with larger biceps. thankyou.

gatford - US
A great jacket. Well made. A size up seemed like a good decision. The shoulders were the right fit, though the rest of the jacket runs true to size, so needs some adjustments. Mine came missing a button, but WPG made good and sent me out the missing buttons right away!

Seventeen - CA
I ordered a size up after reading the reviews for the shoulder room and I'm glad I did. It's a really nice fit. Mine was missing a button, but otherwise it's close to perfect.

(Centre vent needs a bit of adjusting for a better drape, but very minor.)

Seventeen - CA
WW2 RAF KD tunic (2011-01-30)
Excellent product - well made, good detail. Easily changed to RAAF tunic by replacing RAF buttons with RAAF bakelite buttons. Also need to replace buckle with wartime RAAF black buckle - now looks a treat with wartime forage cap. Cheers Kim

fawkes - AU
WPG are best (2010-11-30)
Good item, speed shipment A++++++

Roberto F. - IT
RAF uniform (2010-09-11)
I got item.Thank you.

Miyahara - JP
Great item! (2010-05-13)
Great item. Solid construction. Good deal. fast shipping. Excellent transaction

Mayes - US
Mr. (2010-05-06)
Excellent, well done, I can't say enough good about the quality. Very well, wow!

Copeland - CA
Interesting. (2010-02-17)
You shall like they way you look wearing this as you direct the construction crews on production shoots, when you walk into a Gentelman's Saloon in Keiser Wilhelm's Cadinen, or the olde Eccentric's Club in London. Ordre two sizes larger for extraa fit. The centre vent does not fold over itself well at all, rather miserably one might add. With matching khaki trousers or breeches no one shall notice; if they do quaere why they gawping at your derriére!

Lord Harrington - US
perfect (2009-12-13)
... yes a fabulous jacket.
i ordered on size up and this was the wright decision.

Schatull - DE
Ex. quality Tunic (2009-09-24)
I normally wear a 44L, but after reading some of the other reviews I ordered a 46L to be on the safe side and it fits like it was made for me. As stated in the description the sleeves will need to be shortened a tad and I will need to have some more holes further along in the belt. Great item that I highly recommend.
Regards, John.

John - KY, USA
RAF Tunic (2009-09-06)
This is on of WPG's best recreations.
Quality materials and detailing through out! This is my 3rd tunic, each one used for a different impression. Change the buttons and it will work for Commonwealth Army uniform as well. Tunic is equally functional in the cockpit or at the Continental Bar in Shepeards Hotel. Fliers probably should order 1 size larger for the shoulder room. Tally Ho!!
RR; Desert Air Force reenactor

Sqdn Ldr RR - US
officer kaki drill service dress tunic (2009-07-31)
just perfect in every way

Mangili - IT
RAF Desert Dress Uniform (2009-07-21)
The tunic arrived in 3 working days which was very pleasing. They are a better finished item than the bush jackets of which I also purchased one. Its worth checking the length if you are tall like me though as they can be a little short if you don't. Overall a good item though and I will deal with this company again.

Taylor - GB
Tim (2009-06-20)
It's a beautiful thing! Well tailored and great fit. Of course I ordered a size up for fine tuning the the fit by added tailoring as I did with the WPG bush jacket but this garment fits well as is. I will have the sleeves shortened to their proper length. I love it!

Lloyd - US
RAF SD jacket (2009-05-11)
Well made jacket good details! Sizing not perfect, I usually have to order a size up. Nice job Jerry!

Kimmell - US
superb quality and service (2009-05-08)
this not only works for ww2 raf but is also excelent as an officers ww1 sd tunic if the belt was detachable you would be able to wear it with a sambrown in mespotamia 1915

nick - uk
KD JACKET (2009-05-05)
The size chart is WAY based on chest size not the size on the chart.
Other than that it seems a nice piece.I am reordering and returning the original

Vicar602 - US
superb (2009-04-29)
This is really a nice piece. The main and only problem I have is that Jerry has two colours of KD cloth and this is the more orange of the two colours. The thigh pocketless early war KD trousers (and even the thigh pocket equipped midwar trousers) that I ordered at the same time are of the tanner variey of KD cloth so I have a colour mismatch unless I wear the KD shorts that are of the same colour shade as this tunic. I normally wear a 44L uniform but ordered a 46L off of the sizing chart for this item and it fits well. I am 73" tall with a 32" trouser inseam and 240 pounds. The bottom hem comes to the knuckles when at attention. The sleeves are long as Jerry says. I will have to have a tailor move the pointed portion of the cuff up the sleeve about 2 inches so as to have the proper 6" from the top of the point to the edge of the cuff. The buttons are original KC RAF SD buttons. They are not sewn but rather held on with circlips. This should allow quick conversion to RCAF buttons or something else. Epaulets come off and are simple sewn affairs. I believe the hard style are what should be worn on this tunic. These epualets could be dissembled and have cardboard inserted to look ok. Buckle is solid brass and looks ok. The belt is well made and is of proper length. It sewn onto the back of the tunic at the waist and rearward. A very nice piece although I wish that I could buy the proper trousers in the matching shade of KD.

Bobka - US
tunic (2009-03-26)
It was a gift and the reciepient was very happy with it. Thank You!

Marge - US
UK RAF Officer Khaki Drill Service Dress Tunic (2009-02-26)
Very nice item. It is a little more tailored in the shoulders than I would like, but it is a definite keeper. Nicely made...highly recommend.

Dan - US
UK RAF Officer Khaki Drill Service Dress Tunic (2009-02-26)
Fantastic Coat! A little more tailored than I like but a real keeper!!!! Well Done as usual!!!! Order a long even if you are not tall......fits better

Dan - Syracuse, NY
UK RAF Officer Khaki Drill Service Dress Tunic (2009-02-22)
The KD Officer's SD tunic is an excellent addition to WPG's line of summer weight UK uniforms.

It was one of the few KD items missing from my collection of Jerry's repro RAF uniforms.

I am 6'3" tall and weigh 190#. The 42L fits well with plenty of length in the tunic and sleeves and gives a well tailored look.

The shoulders are a bit narrow, so I suggest one size larger if more comfort and freedom of movement is needed.

As in the past, shipping was quick and I am pleased with my purchase.

Kilgore - US
RAF KD SD Tunic (2009-02-14)
Very typical of the high quality KD items I have purchased from WPG over the years. Most excellent tailoring, detailing and fit. Tunic has a quality feel about it and even has a watch pocket! Comes with nice RAF buttons.
Sleeves need to be hemmed as shown. From what I can tell tunic runs true to size. Fliers may want to order 1 size up (2"), I did, for a little extra shoulder room for when you throw over the joystick doing a snap roll in your Spitfire or Tomahawk. Tunic gets 5 stars!
Thanks Jerry.


Reichard - US
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