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Ammo bag (2014-01-26)
It is ok for living histories and limited tacticals. Overall good to very good.

Cachia - US
Great (2013-04-11)
It looks great! I like the different colored materials used. I agree with the other comments about the "twist" in the strap. The strap tore off after a couple of uses so I had to sew it back on. Other that that it is really great!

Max - USA
Mr (2013-04-05)
A much needed item, very nice!

Mclean - CA
Perfect repro (2013-03-06)
Perfect repro for me

Bergstrom - SE
US Thompson Ammo Bag (2012-04-21)
I really like the ammo bag. The two different colours of OD used for the body and the strap is a nice touch in my opinion (but I love the transitional looking gear). But it will be put to good use for the presentations I do.

Joel Phipps - US
fixed the twist (2011-04-28)
I agree with the other reviewers regarding the incorrect half-twist in the strap. I actually fixed it by removing the stitch where the strap holds the buckle, then twisting it a half-turn and re-sewing it. Now it hangs more comfortably; a neat pouch for stowage of ammo or lunch!

Storto - US
Great (2010-10-22)
Fast Shipping. Color looks great. Can hold up to 9 mags (30rds) total.

Chad - USA
Thompson bag (2010-04-24)
Really good reproduction, but I won't wear it a lot because even eight mags just fly around in there. Anyhow, this is no criticism because it's exactly the same with the real thing. Oh and I agree with Kuehn, US: The strap shouldn't have been twisted.

Becht - DE
Thompson Bag (2009-07-30)

Park - US
Thompson Ammo Bag (2009-06-11)
Very nice reproduction...can fit 6 thompson airsoft mags in it. This will come in very handy. Definitely a good buy!

Gerba - US
Thompson Ammo Bag (2009-06-03)
It appears the carrying strap is twisted, one half twist. It was sewn that way.

If I would have made it, I would have "untwisted it" so it rode better over the shoulder.

Kuehn - US
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