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High Quality Reproduction (2022-06-01)
This UK Replacement Liner is a high quality reproduction in terms of aesthetics, but leaves room for improvement in terms of material authenticity. The liner matches WW1 era Brodie liners in every way (looks and components) right down to fine details such as the white tag with printed instructions on how to adjust the liner to fit one's head. However, the liner's structure and the chinstrap appear to be made of some sort of faux leather material instead of real leather (though I believe this is not an oversight but rather an economic decision made by WPG). Installation of the liner is simple as long as you have the proper tools and knowledge of it's assembly. Can also be retrofitted into a MKII Brodie shell (WWII pattern) to replicate a MKI helment, as I have done. Overall, a high quality reproduction liner for a fair price.

Nathan - CANADA
Fast delivery! (2021-11-14)
Christmas gift. Still in hiding.

Ritter - US
Helmet Liner (2021-08-15)
Awesome product...the rivet construction is a little challenging but overall...a very great product!

Allister - US
Mostly satisfied (2021-01-09)
WPG service is nothing short of excellent.
The WW1 helmet liner is a pretty good reproduction except for the chin strap.
Natural untreated leather would be better in my view, so it can darken with use and look like an original.
The strap alone is enough to put me off. Otherwise a very decent reproduction.

Danny - NZ
WW1 Helmet Liner (2020-12-20)
A pretty good product, my only criticism is the leather chinstrap.
It has some sort of coloured coating on the outside.
Leather dressing will not soak through so it’s obviously synthetic. The colour is pretty awful
Would be better left natural so it can weather.
Coating is not needed.
Otherwise a pretty good liner

Danny - NZ
Liked the product (2018-10-16)
I have my great grandfathers complete original ww1 helmet. The reproduction liner is a good match.

Peavey - US
Nice Product (2017-04-02)
This kit was very nice and quite accurate in construction - I used my other helmet with original liner as a guide. The only issue I had was some trouble working the brass rivet - but it worked out in the end. Thanks - looks and functions great!

Moreau - CA
item 65750 liner (2014-10-30)
Item was great very fast service

Troutman - US
helmet liner for Brodie helmet (2014-10-24)
A well made product, satisfactory in every detail and on request I received instructions on how to fit it into the helmet shell. Suggest these instructions be supplied with each liner to remove some of the constructive comments

fawkes - AU
liner helmet (2014-05-20)
since i had an original, i had an idea how to assemble. i also agree that a small plan would have been nice. ther than that, great item to replace and refresh a collectors item

pellerin - CA
Brodie Helmet Liner Repro (2014-05-13)
Perfect fit, all parts to install, very fast delivery.

Morgan - US
Helmet liner (2013-10-10)
great product! Fast shipping!

Windsor - CA
replacement liner for Brodie helmet (2013-08-21)
Item came quickly. I had a problem installing the liner and would have liked an instruction sheet to help the process. Otherwise it is a great item that fit my CEF helmet for a very reasonable price.

Price - CA
Replacement Brodie steel helmet liner (2013-04-17)
Amazingly fast shipping. Liner perfectly fits a genuine WW1 Brodie shell [10th Battalion, Canadian Expeditionary Force]. Lack of instructions has me confused about how to set the copper rivet to secure the liner in the shell.

Otherwise, an excellent value for the money.

Johnson - CA
5 (2013-03-14)
A great repro item for my collection. Well priced. Fast & efficient service. Many thanks.

Wilson - AU
Fitting liners to Brodies.... (2013-03-07)
I have yet to put the two liners in the helmets. I DO have one question:WHAT exactly are the 3 pieces of brass hardware for? They came with each liner. Where and how do you fit them on each helmet?

Westen - US
Liner for WW1 Helmet. (2012-05-14)
Excellent Item. Good price. Fast efficient service.

Hunter - GB
helmet liner (2012-04-24)
Came quickly, seems to be a fine product. Now all I need is a helmet to put it into. :)

Monahan - CA
Helmet Liner (2011-12-09)
Good item at good price.

Ketcherside - US
WW I Brodie Helmet Liner (2011-11-23)
Very Pleased, Excellent Repro Most worthy of The Original US Shell it is going into!

Pickett - US
MR (2011-08-31)
Great product, well pacaged, fast shipping.
Very pleased. Thanks.

A great repro! Thank you! (2011-06-23)
Excellent! Very good quality product!

Fournis - FR
WW1 Brodie steel helmet liner (2011-06-03)
Another great item!

Jones - GB
liner (2010-10-22)
perfectly matches my original

Heft - US
Liner (2010-10-14)
Hmmm, not sure about this one. Leather strapping is a bit kooky. Fit was OK but the shape appeared a bit out at first. Still, when in the helmet it works OK. And yes, it stinks.

Steve - Australia
Repro WW1 helmet liner (2010-09-01)

Taylor - GB
Helmet liner (2010-05-23)
Excellent item!!, but boy, does it pong!! :-)

Jones - GB
brodie helmet liner (2010-05-18)
Great reproduction. It looks like all the detailed photos I have seen of originals and matches descriptions.It smelled like a wet goat when I got it so I washed it in window cleaner with ammonia. Now it smells like a fresh goat. Perfect. Authentic.

Tim - Canada
Mr (2010-05-12)
Very good repro. Fits well.

Limpus - AU
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