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Best Replicas Around (2021-09-21)
As always, great workmanship from WPG. I will actually be using this in the field to keep debris out of my boots. I treated them with permethrin to keep the bugs out, too. They're great!

Jim Potts - US
Can't comment, was in the back country (2019-10-15)
Sorry for the delay in responding. Very pleased will the leggins. Should hopefully hold off the Coontail rattlers

Arizona Territory

Montgomery - US
Fast shipping, excellent product! (2019-04-29)
I was looking everywhere to find those model in the smaller sizes. I am glad I found them here. Very nicely done.

Takerkart - CA
Uncommon item ! (2018-10-24)
Most reenactors will wear puttees and I'll proudly wear these leggings ! They look like period ones ! Good job Jerry and the Team !

very nice repro (2017-12-21)
Look good and seem to fit well. Nice repro.

Hagge - US
Just the ticket (2017-03-28)
Well made, the leggings look and work great!

Luke - US
Look Great (2017-03-28)
The leggings are very nicely constructed. Shipping was very fast as always. Great, unique item to have available.

Cliburn - US
Nice (2017-03-07)
Holds much better on place than the M1910 Leggings. Size 3 fits a 16-16.5 Calve.

Rueegg - CH
great repro (2016-05-16)
It's cool of WPG to repro such an obscure item! These are much better made than I expected (I think the photos make them look a bit flimsy), and look and feel comparable to my originals. And, as always, fastest shipping ever.

Steve - US
M1908 leggings (2015-03-02)
Fantastic reproduction! Looks, fits, and serves its purpose very well. Loads easier to put on compared to leggings with laces.

Nick - CA, USA
M1907 Canvas Leggings (2015-01-14)
I bought these leggings because I have a liking for vintage styling, and I wanted taller boots without having to pay for tall boots. I ordered a pair of Size 5 leggings and the fit is perfect. They even provide some insulation against the cold. I'll be wearing them when it snows, and also to work (construction). A great product all around.

Antonopoulos - US
Amazing! (2015-01-03)
I ordered a pair of these to kick start my Pre-WWI collection and I was impressed by how easy they were to get on. And they fit well with my roughouts.

They offer better protection than the desert combat boots I wear around my grandparent's farm.

The price, fit, and overall quality of these leggings, to me, is amazing. I highly recommend them to anyone who goes on long walks or rides on horseback.

Iowa - Winfield
Absolutely Spot On (2014-09-27)
I found a pair of originals when Jerry was out of stock, not realizing he was planning to get more. When he got the new batch, I thought, "why ruin my real set." When I got them, I couldn''t believe how exactly these duplicate my original pair, right down to the brass stud and grommets on the back and strap. Well done! These are absolutely spot on the real thing!

John - Mojave Desert
Better than new designs (2014-09-25)
I received my M1908 Pattern leggings and was impressed by the excellent attention to detail including the tiny brass stud on the front and stud mounts on the strap to keep the strap in place.

The 100% cotton is much more comfortable than nylon or polyester gaiters. After a trip through the washing machine and air drying, I treated the leggings with Permethrin and a spray on waterproofing.

The leggings provide excellent protection from ground cover and keep my boots clean.

I look forward to wearing them for many years.

Potts - US
Marvelous! (2012-08-19)
Marvelous reproduction, so long wrecking originals!
However I did ask for a 15 1/2 but got an 18 1/2 instead, ah well, plenty of growing room!

Jordan - Hampshire, United Kingdom
1908 Leggings (2012-07-02)
Prime quality item! Size 3''s fit my 16" calves very well!!!!!
extremely satisfied

Renault - Texas
US 1908 Pattern Canvas Leggings (2012-06-17)
Superb quality, faultless. An asset to any uniform

SUPERB! (2012-05-31)
Pulled them out of the box to make sure they fit. Noted the level of detail, even the brass stud on back. Then compared to my mint originals. PERECT!

Chris - Texas
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