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👍 (2022-04-10)
really bonzers, better than a sheila with an extra set of knockers

May - US
Great for reenactment (2020-05-30)
This was a crucial part to my australian ww2 uniform on youtube.

Stinson - US
Amazed (2020-02-26)
Everything was fine I'm very pleased with everything I bought !

Robson - AU
Super (2017-04-27)
Dear wpg.each item is right.thanks for all friends

Mickael - FR
Cur, oops I mean sir (2015-08-27)
Aussie W/B carriers are ordinary skeleton carriers with add3ed pieces to allow C-hooks to be added. The correct ones have a much broader strap around the middle. But no worries, I'm keeping them. Otherwise everything is fine. Thanks for the shipment, Cheers,

Caton - US
Ausie water bottle cradle (2013-10-14)
Very good item, A Canadian cradle issued to the Australians and modified by them by attaching a belt fixing.
The item is original and ticks all the boxes.
Delivery very quick, well packed.

Gould - GB
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