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Love them (2023-04-10)
I bought these pants to use for my cosplay but i love them so much that I use them for regular stuff. They say they are light weight but dont let that fool you, they are of a thick great quality fabric, yet its breathable and it feels comfortable to wear for everyday use. I love it and would buy another one in the future. The only thing to get use to is the buttons instead of a zipper, but i guess going to the bathroom was a bit of a chore in the 30s lol.

Peralta - CA
Perfect (2023-01-31)
The pants are lightweight enough to wear in Louisiana, but they feel very sturdy. Couldn’t be happier

France - US
Awsome (2021-03-30)
Very happy with my experience

Very happy customer (2018-09-16)
The trousers are well made and of high quality material. They look great and feature all the looks as seen on film. Couldn’t be happier!

leka - US
Best Indy Pants of all! (2018-05-10)
I have three pairs of Indy pants, one from Wested, one from Magnoli Clothiers and one from What Price Glory. The pair I have from WPG is by far the best. First, there’s the fit: it’s double-pleated with roomy hips and a wide pant leg. Not too wide, but wider than the others which makes them feel authentically “period.” The pleats are also sharp and long, which I like. Second, there’s the color: it’s pretty close to perfect. I know “perfect” is hard to determine considering all of the different lighting conditions across all four films, but to use the other two pairs as a point of comparison, the Wested pants are too pink and the Magnoli pants are too taupe (on the greenish side). The WPG pants are sort of gray, and sort of brown, depending on the light and what you’re wearing with it. I think it’s the perfect middle ground among the three choices. Finally, there’s the price. The WPG pants are the least expensive of the three! But that doesn’t mean the quality suffers. I think the quality of all three pants is very similar, and very good, but it irks me that Magnoli Clothiers charges more than twice as much. I like the Magnoli pants the least of all: they rank dead last when it comes to fit, color, tailoring and price. I mention tailoring because the Magnoli pants are not nearly roomy enough – they’re too tight through the hips and upper leg, more like a modern pant and not one from yesteryear. I could not be happier with my pants from WPG. I got the “lightweights” which seem plenty heavy to me. I wouldn’t want pants any heavier, but I live in Los Angeles. In addition, there was an issue with my order that the good folks at WPG addressed right away so they score high on customer service, too. I’ll happily get more from this company. Cheers.

Reed - US
Accurate (2018-04-25)
They are a good pair of pants, 100% screen accurate, I had my doubts but they turned out to be good. For myself they seem somewhat baggy even when worn at the navel, but altogether good trousers.

Staver - US
Is this correct? (2018-03-18)
Shouldn't the pants have seven belt loops instead of five?

Curtis - California
Satisfied (2018-03-17)
I love them! The wool twill material is pretty unique, and can be hard to find elsewhere.

* Some things to be aware of:
1) It does, in fact, have a button fly.
2) The sizing measurements for the waist are precise. Measure your waist (at the navel) and don't try to cheat.
3) The rear pocket flaps are not scalloped (if that matters to you).
4) The hem is surged and stitched, vice having the military hem (in case that matters to you as well).

Andy - US
Just what I was looking for.... (2017-12-21)
The pants are lightweight and fit great. They look very well made and should last a long time. Looking forward to being Indy next year for Halloween!

koufes - US
Love the pants! (2017-11-15)
I really dig the color and the feel/weight and drape of these pants. I'm not super sure these are the light weight ones, but I love em! My only complaint is that they are really baggy. Noticeably baggier than they should be for the Indy look. I look comical in them. I'm gonna have to get them tailored.

albritton - US
Super fast delivery once again !!! (2017-09-30)
A+ product delivered so quickly I was amazed . Three days!!!

Houlihan - US
Great Trousers (2017-09-25)
See my previous review from 9/19/2017.

Pimental - US
Great Trousers (2017-09-19)
I've had several wool trousers from various manufacturers: Wested, Todd's and MBA Costumes. You may or may not know that MBA made the original pants & shirts for the movies and if you're looking for the same pants, these are them. I had 2 pairs from MBA (Raiders & Last Crusade)through Noel Howard and these are exactly the same as the Raiders in every detail. So much so that I bought 2 pairs.

Pimental - US
Nice pants but . . (2017-09-10)
I had ordered the light-weight material but received the 100% wool instead. Not a very good match for warm climate. Currently looking for a suitable warm climate alternative.

Cooper - US
Awesome trousers! (2017-04-14)
Excellent reproductions, look just like the movie version. Top quality that will last a lifetime. You won't be disappointed in these.

Paul - Maryland/USA
AMAZED (2016-09-19)
I am really satisfied, a fast delivery and a good product. I strongly recommend IT.

Chaleteix  - FR
Good product (2016-09-19)
I am really satisfied, a fast delivery and a good product. I strongly recommend him.

Chaleteix  - FR
Good pants - good price (2016-05-13)
I ordered the indian jones lightweight pants because its hot where I live. So I was hoping for screen-accurate pants (compared to, say, the Wested pants) and lightweight material. The WPG pants were good pants, and a good price. If you're seeking seen accurate pants, these are close, but to quite there (a shade or two too dark). But, if that's not so important, and you want lighter weight material, then you'll like these pants. Overall, it was good and price friendly. They were shipped from overseas pretty fast.

Zielinski - US
Excellent (2016-01-14)
Fast shipping and good quality lightweight wool pants. Nice looking to.

V - SE
Excellent pants (2016-01-09)
Nice looking, good fit and fast shipping. Thx WPG group.

Linus - Sweden
Indiana Jones Light Weight Pants ROCK! (2015-08-20)
These are a good match for the Indiana Jones pants and are a great pair of pants to wear out on the town as well. I've worn them to work several times and got compliments. They match the WPG Classic Jacket, if you're interested in making it a suit. Really good quality and the lighter weight makes them much more wearable than the previous heavier fabric that was more appropriate for winter, I comfortably wear mine in Hawai'i. I'm a 38 waist and 31.5 length and needed no alterations.

Manny - Hawaii
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