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Super fast delivery... awesome product (2023-09-13)
Very nice reproduction of the iconic French TAP camouflage...very happy!

Harrington - US
Perfect Reproduction! (2023-05-05)
I was able to get one of these jackets at a flea market in Paris many years ago. This version, while a repro, is actually better quality than the original! Better material, snaps, and zipper. I am 6' 2" 220lbs and went with the size 46L and 38" trousers. Fit perfectly as they are supposed to be oversized a bit. The attention to detail is superb and so is the pattern and weight of the material. WPG hit it out of the park with this one!

Weidman - US
Super (2021-11-08)
All arrived safe and sound really impressed with the quality and the speed of delivery thanks for your professionalism

Card - UK
Very fast shipping. (2021-10-21)
I am happy with every purchase I've made on this site. The quality is great and the service is top notch. Thank you.

Burkett - US
Super (2021-09-13)
Fast Delivery Excellent Quality

Price - US
Very impressive love the items (2021-08-10)
I waited for this products about three weeks or less. It was worth waiting for. Very Happy when it arrives and fit perfectly.

tracy  - US
Good surprise... (2021-06-25)
many reproductions of french lizard camo are poorly done... but i was really surprised by this one... very nice reproduction... and i made a mistake with the size and you know what??? the RMA and exchange was juste perfect... another good surprise... thanks for all WPG team

deglave - FR
Great Uniform set! (2021-06-06)
Shipping was fast and Items arrived quickly! The fit for the jacket and trousers were satisfactory. I recommend following the other reviews and I went up two of my pants size and the trousers fit me.

Gage - Tennessee USA
Super quality (2021-03-30)
This is the second set I bought. Great uniform

Coyle - US
Great! (2021-03-23)
Beautifully made, fast shipping, timely size exchange, very pleased with my order.

Hermann - US
Good, rugged uniform (2020-11-08)
Everything from the material to the sewing looks and feels solid, and the lizard stripe pattern is just lovely. Only other thing of note is it's cut pretty big, so do be wary - I'm 5'6" and XS is almost too big for me.

Macey - United States
Super Fast Delivery (2020-09-21)
Look great, feel great. Great uniform

Mershon - US
Nice (2020-07-27)
Very nice and looks authentic and fits perfect.

Kurt-Nielsen - DK
excellant (2020-07-23)
Very nice replica of the French para uniform!

Bracken - US
Fast processing and delivery. (2020-06-09)
Very good repro with a great amount of details.
Colour and pattern is on point, great quality on the fabric. The jacket is a bit wide for the size, but that is how they where made.
Worth the price i would say.

Mikael - NO
Fast delivery (2020-05-20)
Good quality and fast delivery, but not top marks. I ordered three different jackets, all in medium, and they are clearly large, medium and small.

Kurt-Nielsen - DK
Extremely fast delivery, high qualify (2020-05-16)
Thanks so much! Best price and quality on the planet for this uniform!

Nagy - HU
Great (2020-05-11)
Great piece of garment, washed it a couple of times, and it looks battle worn and authentic. Nice quality. Superfast delivery.

Jesper - Denmark
Well... (2020-05-06)
I wanted to love this set but there's definitely good and bad here. First off the good: the colour is amazing as is the weight. As some have commented, the brown and green are reversed but I have seen some that do have this variation (even some with the same colours of the 47/54). The weight is also good. The buttons are good as well. The snaps are also close to original and the sleeves are thankfully actually longer than original so they are wearable. Customer service is wonderful as well. I ordered pants two sizes up as some reviews recommended but still too small. Customer service was lovely and are sending me a new pair.
The bad: Perhaps I got a bunk jacket as the reviews have all been super positive. The sewing is very inconsistent. A lot of the main seams are very well done except the left hand side of the zipper. That was fraying straight out of the package and the zippers....well, they are awful. I certainly don't trust them to last as they feel like breaking with every zip. Also the top two snaps on the lobster tail are the only ones that actually work. The other two sets refuse to snap properly. Also several in the pockets and the front lobster tail attachment area are fraying as well. Also the underarm grommets are only three. My original jackets have four.
I'm giving four stars because the pants were wonderful despite the size and for the customer service. The jacket is nice, but could definitely be done way better.

Adam - Virginia
Well... (2020-05-06)
I wanted to love this however there are several areas where I feel these could have been done better. The good: the colour is wonderful as is the weight. Very much spot on. As others have said, the brown and green are reversed, but I have seen original ones with this print as well(even some with darker colours of the 47/54). Customer service I'd spot on and as advised, ordered two sizes up on the pants. Still too small. Contacted WPG and returned the pair no prob.
The bad: I must have gotten a one off on the jacket. The sewing on mine is so inconsistent. Some parts are very well sewn, others are so mediocre. Also, only the top two snaps on the lobster tail work. The other two refuse to snap. The zippers are also terrible and the sewing on the left main zipper is also mediocre and is already fraying. I did a hot wash to shrink down to size and the brass grommets in the pockets have left rust stains around them. Not a big deal as one doesn't notice them as much. The other omission is the grommets in the underarms. My two original jackets have four under the arms, not three.
All in all, I'm giving four stars for the customer service and the pants, despite the size, where spot on. The jacket, I'm going to fix on my own, but who knows, perhaps like I said, got an off QC jacket.

Adam - Virginia
Outstanding delivery time (2020-04-26)
Very accurate and a great addition to my collection. Thanks again!

Herwald - US
very good item (2020-01-30)
thanks verrymuch all very good item (5 STA )

Ly - US
Outstanding (2019-11-07)
Efficient process from the beginning. Excellent product. Recommended.

Conrad - US
Yank (2019-05-18)
Quick shipping, quality as advertised but, I ordered a size Medium jacket, received a size Large. Ordered size 34 pants, got pants tagged 34 but measure 32.

Jonathan - NC, USA
Superbe.. (2019-03-14)
Une très belle reproduction pour faire de la reconstitution sans risque de détériorer des originaux.

Eric - FR
Great (2018-10-30)
Seems to be a very nice and well made reproduction. In case of pants (if your waist size jumps up and down :-D) I would recommend 1 size up as sizing is exact(maybe a hair smaller). I wear jeans W32(tight feeling)-W34(a bit loose), got W34 pants and the fit is so-so.

Nevertheless WPG Service? Number 1!!! Super fast shipping, all the time informed. Simply said - Excellent!!!

Martin - CZ
fast delivery. respond properly. (2018-09-06)
Will do business again

Nguyen - US
super (2018-08-28)
Very good product, fast delivery.
I will order a lot more.

Nguyen - US
Love the Set (2018-08-11)
I am super impressed with the quality of this French Lizard repro set. The material is solid and appears it will hold up very well. I plan to order an additional set. Also, very impressed with the communication from the WPG.

high quality but jacket is short (2018-07-03)
very high quality and looks great but the jacket length is very short on larger sizes. Should be offered in long sizes or at least be longer as the jackets get bigger. If that is ever remedied I would definitely buy another jacket.

Paul - IL
Got mine (2018-05-23)
Mine came with the suspenders. They were in a separate bag from the pants & jacket (three clear plastic bags in the shipping bag).
What is the purpose of the flap thing at the bottom rear of the jacket?

bill - USA
Great Value (2018-04-01)
Great Value over all, the construction of the uniform is very good and true to the original and is made form good quality material. The print pattern is on the darker side and the pattern itself is closer to the latter pattern Tap 47/51 used in the Algerian war then Indodchina. But for the Price a great Value and must have hard to fine cammo, one other note this set dose not come with the Tap 47/51 pants suppenders.

Jim - US
very fast delivery; well made (2018-03-21)
The TAP 47/52 uniforms are the best repro's of the 52 I've seen yet. I have a Panzerfaust 47/51 set that has been used for living history events for a number of years which is good, but not as good as the workmanship of the WPG set. Two different, but very similar, patterns. The WPG set is a bargain if you need a quality reproduction and don't want to re-sew every button before using them!

Cartier - US
TAP 47/53 (2018-03-09)
Very high quality repro. I had to have it altered slightly but the seamstress even commented as to the high quality work.

Coyle - US
Cool outfit (2017-11-29)
a well made uniform. I am anxious to wear it at events.

Shafer - US
Excellent Product (2017-11-09)
Really, really nice reproduction of French Lizard Camo. Originals are scare on this one, so getting a repro is pretty much the only option for most. They did a terrific job on this, with the materials and workmanship being of very high quality.

The Nude 1 - US
Great (2017-09-07)
Product was as advertized, very authentic. Good customer service and shipping extremely fast and also very overseas customer friendly! Couldn't praise enough.

JormaF, Finland - FI
Uniform (2017-08-20)
Would just like to say the kit is great amd the staff are so helpfull .top marks for all your help in sortimg the problems out and nice people to boot.

West midlands - Uk
Decent replica for the price (2017-08-03)
Camo pattern should have brown printed over green instead of vice versa. Snaps should be smaller diameter and domed. This is otherwise a very good representation for the price. The reinforced lower pockets were a nice touch.

Happenblap - US
Worth every penny (2017-07-20)
Very well made, fit true to size and very comfortable! You definitely won't be disappointed.

Matthew - Kansas/US
great product (2017-07-05)
Well made wonderful reproduction of a unique cammo uniform and, as always great service and fast delivery. Always a pleasure to do business with them.

Favere - US
Excellent (2017-06-09)
Excellent seller fast shipping, high quality product, recommend to everyone!

Sepini - BR
Super (2017-05-10)
Very good product and very nice service !!

French Camo! (2017-04-22)
One of the best representations ever! cut well and sizes are on point not jacket is perfect and trousers are exact size needed thanks! Fast shipping!

CraIg - USA
Good work! (2017-02-24)
Very good reproduction and fast delivery! Thank you!

Gaponov - RU
Fantastic!! (2016-10-21)
Everything I've now come to expect to be present when dealing with WPG was clearly evident throughout the process, from their fast-as-light shipping to the high quality of the products. I found the colors and pattern to be pretty much perfect. The material itself and garment construction - something that concerns me and I'm sure others the most (i.e. feel of the fabric, accuracy of sizing, how tightly the buttons are sewn on, zippers operating smoothly, etc.) are also all top-notch. Finally, the photos of the product on the website are exactly the same as what you receive; not always the case in this industry but it is always the case with WPG. Thank you!

Brian - US
FRENCH TAP 47/52 PARA LIZARD CAMO (2016-10-21)
Very good reproduction,very fast shipping, good communication.

Jean-François - FR
Accurate Repro (2016-08-17)
Very fast delivery. Authentic pattern and features. Very happy with purchase

Paul - Wiltshire
Perfect (2016-07-22)
Exchange was perfect after a bad choice from me. Very nice fabric and beautiful Jacket & trouser, thank you WPG!

Andy - France
Fast delivery (2016-07-12)
Fast delivery - accurate fabric pattern .

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