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Very fast (2023-03-24)
Spot on great very authentic

Gammon looks for real! (2022-03-22)
Packed this with 1.25 kgs yellow non hardening clay (about the size of a softball or better), painted the top portion of the cap red, and it looks like an example on display at the Imperial War Museum.

Yellow clay replicates the look of Composition C.

Teo - Vermont
nice tiem (2021-12-21)
nice item, but poor packaging.

Grenier - CA
Super fast delivery (2021-02-12)
great construction, will get lots of use on displays

Saunders - CA
Super Nice (2021-01-12)
As always the best.

Faltesek - US
Gammon grenade (2020-11-08)
Top museum quality replica, worth every penny.

Christopher - ChrisD1965
Everything great (2020-07-15)
Product is very nice, good quality. Delivery is just express

Tommy - PL
Very Good Reproduction (2020-06-17)
Well made item, very fast delivery.

Thomas - CA
Fast delivery (2020-06-12)
Great product. Perfect for display and education.

Huff - US
Gammon Grenade (2017-12-26)
great reproduction, thanks

Harbs - US
What I got was great but... (2017-09-07)
In real life the thing would be packed with composition C. So if it looks a lot empty that's why. Now I didn't expect WPG to ship me explosives but something to substitute would have been good. I ended up stuffing it with a big chunk of memory foam and that worked. as for the device it's self its spot on for the real thing.

Raccio - US
Gammon grenade (2016-04-22)
Very nicely made and great service as usual.

mccleaf - US
Great replica (2015-06-02)
I am very satisfied with this Gammon! It will be a good addition to my U.S. Airborne display.

Murphy - US
gammon (2015-05-18)
I've just purchased the Gammon grenade and I'm very happy with the quality, It will fit in with my collection and look great at the events I attend

Michael - united kingdom
great (2014-12-01)
Looks real good. will be great in my kit layout.

musselwhite - US
US Shovel carrier (2014-04-07)
Excellent repro! Great item for my display collection.

vidacovich - US
Cpl (2013-06-23)
Absolutely stunning,will make a great addition to my display, on my scout car.

Sutherland - CA
grenade (2013-05-30)
verry good material

Look out jerry panzer! (2012-09-23)
I love this, it looks good enough to throw it at a German panzer!

I put some of the packing and a deactivated grenade. Worked very well.

Mcginness - GB
Gammon bomb (2012-09-12)
great item, yes there is nothing inside but for me that is great! it was used with just explosives against armor or with fragments for foot troops. this way you can have it as either and show how it could be used as either. great product and mush have.

Dillier - US
Gammon (2012-04-01)
I received the item that I have commanded you. It 's perfect and very detailed. Thank you.

Telloni - IT
UK Gammon Grenade (2012-03-22)
Great reproduction and great service, thanks again

Harbs - US
Cool Addition (2012-01-24)
Great addition for my display. Well made. Placed a 2 lb soft weight in it. Now it feels real. Very happy with quality. Thank you!!!

Vivanti - US
Gammon mine (2011-08-30)
I though it would have come with some thing in material. The Mine is empty?

Hurst - US
Gammon (2011-08-08)
Très belle pièce, bien reçue très rapidement.

Erik - FR
No. 82 Gammon Grenade (2011-05-19)
I am surprised at the solid construction of this little seen device. First rate, A+ construction. Great addition to any display.

Wayne - Cincinnati Ohio
Collector (2011-04-14)
Pleased with both product and service. This piece will display well when filled to replicate a "loaded" Gammon.

Hamer - US
US/ UK Gammon Grenade (2011-03-23)
Great quality...

Stanley - US
Excellent! (2010-11-10)
Excellent quality, very pleased.

Harvey - US
Gammon Grenade (2010-10-31)
Nice reproduction. Some recommendations on how to make it appear more realistic would have been appreciated.

Crebbs - US
Gammon grenade (2010-04-28)
I have a real Gammon and this repro it pretty dang close A+ job!

Lavin - US
A+++++ (2010-01-21)
Great Reproduction
The Best service ever from WPG

Henrik - DK
great (2009-12-26)
I''ve never seen a real one but I''m sure this comes pretty close. Thank you

Nick - Germany
Great item (2009-12-17)
Very cool. Looks great as a prop for our movie.

Thompson - US
No 82 Gammon Grenade (2009-10-07)
Detailed Allways fuse, empty stocking net bag to be filled with the explosive when on the ground, cotton ribbon wound clockwise, overall great reproduction.

Lynch - US
Officer's hat (2009-07-14)
The Officer's hat is a top rate repro. True to the orginals and well put together.

Kegel - US
Gammon grenade (2009-06-23)
Verry good item, it look good !!

Thank you WPG !


Cintract - tibo
Gammon Grenade (2009-06-22)
Great Reproduction!!!!! thank

Florian - FR
Gammon Grenade (2009-06-06)
Very good I am well pleased

Touchette - US
A! (2009-05-24)
Great Reproduction!!!

Harnpattananpanich - US
well made copy of this rare item (2009-03-17)
ideal for reenactment, for exhibitions etc.

Stanek - CZ
Gammon Grenade (2008-08-18)
Reaklly nice reproduction. The metal is very thick and not just flimsy pot metal. Has very nice markings and has the lead tail for throwing.It does have rivets under the cap but is pretty much covered by the cap and rubber ring. Do not have a original to compare so I am not sure if they had them. Does not come with anything in the cloth so you must be ingenious to what you put in.

matt miller - WI, USA
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