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good hat but wrong size (2023-01-27)
the hat looks fine but the one thing is the size my head kinda fits with the hat

Axl - Texas
good hat but wrong size (2023-01-27)
the hat looks fine but the one thing is the size

Axl - Texas
Needs to use real cap buttons (2022-11-02)
The cap itself is excellent and well constructed with first rate materials. But the chin strap buttons are cheap olive-green painted replicas held in place with a thin piece of wire. You'll need to purchase real USMC cap buttons with screw studs. Also, the chin strap is "one size fits all" and had to be cut down by a couple inches to look right on my size 71/4 cap.

Fred - California, USA
Excellent reproduction (2022-01-16)
Fabric matches cor, weight of original. Size might be just a tiny bit large, but easily padded. Recommend this this highly

The shipping box was smaller than the cap and caused deformation of product, so poor on that respect, but price and speed of delivery were excellent. (2018-04-17)
I love the quality of the Barracks Cover and the materials used. The downside was that the shipping box was smaller than the size of the cap, and that put a deformation bend in the leather brim of the cap. I worked the bend out to the point that this only now a slight bend over my right eye.

Yazzie - US
EGA HAT (2018-02-02)
Best Repro I've seen looks great thanks WPG!

D.Dye - California
'37 cover (2017-10-03)
Just got this. Fantastic reproduction. Dead on to my original in shape and construction.

Tim - Pennsylvania
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