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Good product. (2023-05-14)
I really like this product. I bought a large and fits well. I wear a 46L. My only gripe is that as a 6'2" guy, it is a bit short compared to originals. I'm still very happy I bought it.

Stanton - US
Excellent craftsmanship! (2023-02-13)
My wife used to work for a clothing manufacturer so she knows well made clothes when she sees them. She was VERY IMPRESSED with the craftsmanship of my new jerkin. The stitching and materials are all the best quality. Add speedy shipping and I am one very happy WPG customer.

Scott - IL
great buy (2021-12-27)
Fits with extra room. Well made and just what I expected.

Martinello - US
Wise shopping (2021-11-24)
The leather is flexible and it's easy to put on. It isn't necessary to pay regard to o

fast shipping (2019-03-10)
looks to be well made, size seems to be spot on.

Henson - US
fast delivery (2018-09-23)
Very pleased with the products and customer assistance !

Michaud - US
WPG US Leather Jerkin (2018-09-13)
Nicely made and very good quality. I own 3 originals and my only suggestion is that the buttons are larger than originals and the buttonholes should be the simply sewn style. Regardless, I am happy with this item and recommend it to any reenactor.

Michaud - US
WW1 Jerkin (2018-04-08)
Incredible delivery time! Great product as well!

Nicely done.....R.K.Dittmar

Dittmar - US
No Jerkin Around! (sorry for the pun) (2018-03-24)
I am pleased to say another great product from WPG! This is an exact reproduction of the US style Jerkin. When I put it beside my 100 year old original it looks spot on. I prefer the cut of the US over the British style that some of our AEF drew/acquired. Well done!

Tim - TN
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