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Super fast delivery to the uk (2023-03-22)
Excellent repro, the bottom needed tailoring in to fit properly more my shape than the top as I have wide shoulders and chest with narrower waist but easy to do by any competent tailor. I have normal sized wrists and the cuffs fit fine getting my hand through easy with them buttoned up. All in all a very nice interwar sand pebbles style uniform for the Steve McQueen look, “the uniform gets em every time”

Danny - UK
Loved the fast delivery (2022-04-30)
Liked it a lot . Cannot wait to custom make the rate badge and hash marks . For the full Steve McQueen sand pebbles look

Mayhew - US
dress white jumper usn (2019-06-22)
excellent i put it up next to my originals and it stood up great!!

macneill - US
Great shirt with one minor issue. (2019-02-18)
The shirt is fantastic. No complaints. I noticed that the two stars on the neck flap were not finished, but I will fix that easily with a needle and thread and 25 minutes.

Tuttle - US
Beautiful (2018-12-12)
Exactly as 1912 specs in uniform manual describes. I found the cuffs to fit perfectly!

Christopher - FL
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