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Quick delivery. (2023-09-24)
As I have found with these reproduction breeches, it is best to order them one size larger. With one wash they shrink enough to fit comfortably. I like the fly arrangement on this pattern over the metal buttons of the 1908.

Rees - US
excellent fit in the knee; a bit snug in the waist (2022-11-11)
The waist is a size 34" but turns out to closer to a 32" waist after minor shrinkage. Even before washing, the waist proved really snug. I might try a 36" waist but worry that the knee might not work as well. Nonetheless, to make the waist work, I'll lose weight! The knee is most important and the knee fits well.

matha - US
Fast!! Delivery!! (2021-12-05)
The shipping was really fast
This is the 6th pair, so I guess it is safe to assume I really like them

Geiger - US
Wonderful! (2021-03-18)
Bought these for SASS “Wild Bunch” shooting. Perfect! Great fit, comfortable, well made. Can’t go wrong with these!

McDonald - US
Exceptional! (2021-03-18)
Wasn’t sure what to expect, am incredibly pleased with the quality of the leather and the attention to detail. Great product!

McDonald - US
Authenticity of Breeches abounds! (2020-12-18)
It’s not that I was surprised by the authentic look and texture of the khaki breeches,I didn’t realize how very well they would look on me;given the said authenticness. Shipping was also speedy as well as customer service’ were cordial. I’d give a 10 rating if allowed. Thank you for having these pants as no other store has perfected them as “What Price Glory” has. I’ll be back!😊

Pagan - US
Excellent product (2020-06-18)
The breeches showed up quickly. Size of waist and overall fit is correct. Material and quality of construction are excellent. After washing/drying the breeches maintain correct size with no shrinkage or damage to seams or lining. A very worthwhile purchase.

Serlick - US
Super (2018-03-28)
well done all round thank you.

Hunnewell - US
Just what I needed (2017-06-20)
These breeches are well made, more than fairly priced, and fit me, which isn't easy. (I have a 36" waist, and 36" inseam). They go perfectly with the associated top. As always, kudos to Jerry and the rest at WPG.

I will be shopping here again!

Eisel - US
Fast Delivery (2017-01-10)
When I was fox hunting and playing polo in the 1960's these breeches were the style. I have lamented their passing for years until I found your outlet for them. I had ordered what I thought were a regular size and received a medium which are a bit long for me. I have a friend of like mind and taller stature that my pair will go to. I am in the process of reordering.

Collins - US
Excellent Quality (2016-11-04)
I had an original pair of these years ago; these are far better.

Herrin - US
Breeches (2016-10-02)
Well made breeches arrived right before the event as requested. Well packaged and timely shipping.

Stanley - US
Very good and fast (2016-09-27)
fit and look great thanks

Lees - UK
Excellent (2016-08-06)
Nice quality. I couldn't be happier with this purchase.

Morris - US
Good delivery response (2016-06-15)
Very pleased with the breeches. I'm very large but am surprised at how large and roomy the legs and buttocks are. Waist size just as expected. Thanks for prompt service from abroad.

McInerny - UK
great pants, fast delivery! (2016-05-01)
The breeches are well made, good cotton, good quality. Sturdy and with a long life ahead. The bottom of the pants is bigger than I'd like, and the top 'flare' of the breeches not as flared as I'd like, but I'm thin, and a female, and so didn't expect them to fit like the old ones one finds. They are quite long, longer than original military models, but this will work fine for me.

Super fast delivery, I look forward to ordering more from this company.

Macartney - US
Nice duds (2016-04-19)
These breeches are the yellowish khaki of all the KD British Military. I measure 38" around my waist at the belly button and these breeches fit well. Belt loops, no braces buttons from what I could see. Button fly. I have size 16" calves and these breeches around the calves swim, but nothing too drastic. 1930s style cut so a little baggy for Boer War 1900 look, but passable for WWI. Material sturdy and perfect for summer wear. Have not ridden in yet, but I am sure they'll do the job well.

Mickey G - Sydney Australia
Size 28 (2015-12-22)
Breeches fit great! I almost want to buy a second pair, but I will probably wait until next year to do that.

Ottomano - US
Cavalry Breeches (2015-07-05)
Well made, quick service, well packaged for international shipping

Stanley - US
Fast Delivery, good quality item (2015-04-01)
Fast Delivery, good quality item

Bas - BE
Breeches are good (2014-08-12)
The breeches fit me well. I like them very much.

Xu - CN
1930s era Mounted trousers (2014-08-04)
Wore the Mounted trousers this them! WPG has is the my first choice when looking for Mounted military gear! Just sent them another order 3 days ago... :)

Bingham - US
Khaki mounted breeches (2014-07-29)
Thanks for making these available. I use them for everyday riding and they not only look great but fit well too. And, living in hot and humid South Carolina, they are more comfortable than the skin tight ones sold now. This is my second pair, the first ones are still good, but need a new pair for show days.

Bills - US
Estupendo (2014-06-16)
Excelent Breeches, like used in Spanish Civil War by Spanish Legion officers. Very good fabric. I use this ítem in reenactement.

Carlos Hernández - España
cavalry breeches (2014-05-09)
Good quality and fast shopping

US Breeches (2014-04-19)
The breeches is absolutely authentic and in a perfect quality! Thank you very much. Now my outfit for a 1929 pilot becomes closer!

Schneeberger - CH
Joe Wicen (2013-11-18)
Great. They fit perfect. Plenty of room to move. Quality of workmanship is outstanding.

Wicen - US
good boots (2013-06-15)
I have big cave an they are right by me even better when you get right britches to go with them . Have already saved me a rattle snake bit .

Hunnewell - US
Nice ...2 (2013-03-06)
Nice ...2

Ryan - US
Outstanding (2012-12-13)
Awesome company!

Jerry Lee replied to all my email questions very fast and the product was outstanding.

WPG is #1 in book and I will tell everyone what a great company they are.

Thank you WPG

Breeches (2012-10-03)
These breeches are good quality, They are made very well and fit perfectly plus excellent delivery!!!

Gallie - GB
PB (2012-09-24)
Good quality and delivered quickly. They fit well and feel great while riding.

Bickel - US
US Breeches Khaki (2012-08-26)
Breeches cut quite large, ordered, and received a size 44, when I tried them on, they were cut quite large, they measured a generous size 48.
Very nice recreation, and well made

Pitts - US
Mr. (2012-08-24)
All the items are in Good quality and shipped very fast indeed.

Qiu - CN
US Breeches Khaki Cotton (2012-08-23)
Excellent bit if kit that otherwise is not available. Used these to replace my 1930s British Indian Army breeches that have finally worn out. Went for 36" when I'm more a 34" waist to give enough material to work with, actually a 34" would have had plenty of room. Have tailored them in to a trad British fit, best way of doing this is on the inseam, have also replaced the cotton strapping with full leather off my old ones. Would it be possible to produce these breeches without the knee strapping attached but (provided)to make final tailoring easier? With this style of traditonal breechs there is no way that one set of sizings can fit all. ALso giving the sizings including calf size and inside leg to the rear knee seam might help those used to this type of breeches pick the nearest fit from which to have tailored. You might well be able to market these and a wool version to the UK and US Foxhunting Market, there is a demand for them but no one makes them off the peg.Different market for you I know but I think there would be buyers if marketed properly.

Puckey - GB
US Breeches, Khaki, Cotton (2012-08-16)
Good quality item and shipped very fast. Sadly I didn't choose the size well, They are too big for me.

khaki breeches (2012-05-12)
Excellent pair of breeches,
very happy

James D. - US
US Cavalry breeches (2011-04-11)
Superb quality item and shipped very fast indeed. Sadly way too narrow on my calves to actually wear so I'd advise you to check that measurement if you have chunky legs.

Chopping - GB
Phoenix, Arizona (2010-10-17)
Perfect for the SASS Wild Bunch Shooting.

Lerer - US
5 (2010-10-04)
Fast delivery. Great quality. Worth the price.

Murphy - US
US Breeches, Khaki, Cotton (2010-07-16)
Man that was a fast delivery. They're very nice. I just hope I don't gain any weight soon, would like to wear them out, very good fit.

Faltesek - US
Don't know yet! (2009-11-23)
Haven't shown up with the rest of the items in the order. I've advised that they have to come from the US warehouse which is currently shut due to Jerry being away. Looking forward to receiving them...

Griffiths - AU
cotton breeches (2009-04-15)
very pleased with quality and especially the fit.Could not be more satisfied

Plyer - US
Breeches (2009-02-17)
These are going to be great with my new handmade Patton cavalry boots.

Foley - US
For riding enthusiasts (2008-07-28)
Breeches are fantastic with excellent fit. It is different feeling then wearing thights. Thank you Jerry.

zoran - Kuwait
Very happy (2008-04-25)
My breeches arrived today. I am very happy with the swift delivery. These breeches are really pieces of fine tailoring.

Jeroen Hozée - Netherlands
Khaki Breeches (2007-09-05)
I wear these breeches for everyday riding in the hot and humid mid Atlantic. They are much better than the tight strechy riding breeches available today. They are quite breathable. I had been looking for these old ones for years. Thank you WPG for making them.

Joe - Maryland
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