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Wow! (2019-08-19)
I wasn't looking for this item at all, and bought it on impulse. I am very glad that I did! This item is very well made!

Deschapelles - US
Fast delivery (2017-08-03)
Great piece as usual.

Kessler - US
Excellent as always! (2017-08-03)
Great product, just what I was looking for and as usual super fast delivery! Thanks guys, lifetime customer here!

Thorne - US
Fast delivery (2016-02-28)
Product was very nice.

Morency - US
US WWII M1942 Pistol Lanyard (2014-05-15)
Bought this lanyard (as in the same order) with a reproduction US M2 M1917 Revolver Leather Holster being sold on this here site, WPG. Fast shipping and I got the ordered items in only a few days since all the items I've ordered was in stock. A very well made reproduction with a very thick cotton rope cord and bits of leather. The metal hook on the end of the lanyard looks to be made of some kind of mixed metal. I thought it was copper or brass at first but after putting a magnet on the metal hook it looks like it have either steel or iron in the metal so the hook has some harden steel or some kind of hard metal in it which means it's not all that flimsy. I don't plan on being rough with the lanyard or the metal hook on it but I do plan to use the lanyard on occasions and it's nice to know that it can take some abuse. Again, a really well made and sturdy piece of kit that's a authentic looking to the era reproduction. I especially like the "old school" look of these types of lanyards even on modern type pistols since I also attached it and tried it on a more current issue M9 Pistol (Beretta M92F), and it looks different compare to the current plastic curvy coil pistol lanyards that attaches to the pistol belt than these types of WWI and WWII era pistol lanyards that's more like a single point rifle or SMG sling.

A. Lin - US
Gammon genade (2014-04-07)
Very satisfied with this repro;great for my displays.

vidacovich - US
M1942 pistol lanyard (2010-10-27)
Item and service were perfect

Johnson - US
US WWII M1942 Pistol Lanyard (2010-09-06)
Excellent item! Service perfect as usual.

Weixelberger - AT
WALES (2010-05-26)
Fantastic value and well made...

Smith and Wesson Victory Model Lanyard (2010-02-26)
I am totally impressed with the quality of this lanyard. It is a perfect accessory to go along with my holster and Victory model. Well done excellent attention to detail.

Ebensperger - US
M 1942 Pistol Lanyard (2010-01-13)
Quality repro! Fantastic delivery/service!

Deere - GB
pistol laynard (2009-10-30)
Very nice-goes good with my 1911.

morrow - US
Lanyard (2009-06-01)
Can't tell if i"s a repro or a real one

Terenzi - US
Great (2009-05-06)
All items received and exceeded expectations. Thank you for your usual great service.

shook - US
us pistol lanyard (2009-03-18)
Excellent copy!
My 1911 is more beautiful than never :)

US WWII M1942 Pistol Lanyard My second one! (2009-03-13)
Again, can't beat the Lanyard, better than the originals I would venture to say!

Decker - US
Lanyard (2009-01-22)
I have an original one of these, this copy is good. Great service too !

Oliveria - US
M1942 Pistol Lanyard (2009-01-09)
This is very sturdy lanyard with
exceptional quality. I am very pleased with this. The cord is
slightly thicker than the 1917 lanyard. I will be getting another of these!

David - Toledo, Ohio
lanyards (2008-04-26)
Just got my lanyards (1905 and 1942 models). They look so good coiled up on my desk that I haven''t put them on the pistols yet. Very nice.

Kevin - Canada
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