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Must have (2024-05-31)
Simply my third scarf

sansotta - IT
It's HUGE (2024-05-27)
I read the dimensions in the description, but seeing is believing. I'm probably going to cut it down some and use the material for a variety of things. Well worth the price.

Callaham - US
Cheche (2022-06-19)
A very nice and more importantly servicable item. Great

Bailey - US
Excellent Quality (2021-11-20)
A very handsome addition to my wardrobe.

Fenner - US
amazing (2021-11-08)
All arrived safe and sound really impressed with the quality and the speed of delivery thanks for your professionalism !

Card - UK
Magic (2021-09-19)
Just the what I expected.

McCabe - LU
Magic! (2021-09-06)
Just as good as the first one that I bought.

McCabe - LU
Good stuff (2021-07-24)
Nice uniform accessories

von Wyl - CH
Super Fast (2021-07-08)
Proper size, great material, authentic scarf for all eras of Legionnaires.

Armbruster - US
Super big scarf (2021-06-27)
Very big and light cotton scarf for everyday use driving my scooter..

Sansotta - IT
Looks awesome (2021-03-22)
Good quality and Will be wearing this in winter.

Austin - AU
Amazing (2020-10-31)
Very pleased with my purchase

McCabe - LU
Great quality product (2020-08-20)
Great product... the smell is a little strong. I have washed it twice and line dry it outside. It still spells like the factory.

Duong - US
Foriegn Legion Scarf (2020-05-27)
Fast delivery. Be sure to wash it to give it that soft and used look and feel. Great item for travel or mowing the lawn in the summer.

Self - US
Good quality Cheche (Shaysh) (2020-05-26)
This is an extremely good quality Cheche - pronounced (Shay-sh) with plenty of material to more than adequately wrap around your your face to keep out foreign debris, and the weave is tight and new, but it will soften up with repeated washing.

Yazzie - US
As advertised - on time! (2020-02-21)
Basic, like all L.E. gear.

Morrison - PL
Excellent product and service. (2020-01-02)
Exactly as expected, with a rapid delivery as always.
Many thanks.

hawkins  - UK
A little stiff feeling but a great look! (2019-12-27)
I love WPG for having hard to find repros out there. I have only ever seen this scarf in old photographs and drawings in Osprey books while researching the Free French Forces in WW2. So, I don't know how originals felt when they were first issued to soldiers. The color seems spot on, but it is very stiff feeling on the neck. I believe after a few reenactments while wearing it, it'll gain that used and weathered look, and hopefully become a bit more comfortable and less stiff feeling around the neck.

Barboza - US
Amazed Super fast delivery (2019-09-28)
I will wear this scarf out or they will find it on my skeleton in the desert. Great reproduction!

Lyndon - US
French legion scarf (2019-08-02)
Amazing delivery ! Took less time than a package 300km. From my home. Lovely material, great length and width. Well done gentlemen. It will go well with my great barnstormer jacket. Thanks for continuing to bring back the great styles of the past.

Fassett - CA
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