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Fast delivery great item (2021-12-02)
Excellent jacket. Very close to the B-10 jackets worn during the war. Very good quality work and materials. HIGHLY RECOMMEND, you would pay three times this amount to get this quality.

Nelson - US
Nice jacket (2021-06-26)
Good jacket. I haven’t seen an original, but it looks like what I’ve seen in photos. I look forward to trying it out next winter.

J - US
Great Jacket (2021-03-19)
Very nice B-10, especially for the price. I bought one size up and it fits perfectly. Highly recommend item, very reasonably priced and great quality, as are all WPG items I have purchased!

Sully - US
Fast delivery, great service. (2021-01-11)
Jacket fit perfect. Excellent quality.

Woodcock - US
B-10 jacket (2020-12-24)
Very nice jacket good price, fast delivery. I love doing business with WPG

pope - US
Fast delivery great item (2020-09-24)
Cannot beat the price and quality of the B-10 jacket. You will not be able to find a jacket this close to mil spec at this price point.

Nelson - US
great jacket (2020-08-30)
fit is wonderful.

dudrow - US
Great piece for the money..... (2020-08-22)
I purchased this item as a cheaper option for a B-10 as I couldn't beat the price. My only complaint is the USAAF decal on the left sleeve is a bit lower than it should be. When I contacted WPG, they said this item was more of a fashion piece, not meant as a reproduction piece. I look forward to cold weather so I can be worm wearing this jacket.

Somers - US
Fantastic!!! (2020-08-16)
The jacket arrived very quickly!!! This jacket is incredibly well made, the mouton is very soft and best if all it fits like it was tailored for me. This jacket is an incredible value!!!

Webber - CA
Perfect deal for the money! (2020-07-31)
Honestly, I didn't expect too much from a B-10 for under USD 100...I got the jacket basically as "canvas" for one of my upcoming jacket patching and painting projects... But I was pleasantly surprised: It is well constructed, no loose threads hanging around the seams, it wears pretty comfortable. Make no mistake, for a proper B-10 copy the jacket misses the correct alpaca lining, the wristlets should be seamless, the side-entry pockets are wrong, t doesn't have amakers' label....

Wristlets are tight and of a good quality. The pockets' side entry can easily be closed with a few stitches, and, as some have mentioned: the original alpaca lining is perfect for an air trip to Wilhelmshaven at 20,000 ft but too warm for everyday use. The size is a little more modern than originals or high-end repros....which is a perfect thing for me , as I like the little extra in length. Somebody mentioned that the jacket runs small...maybe, if compared to modern blouson-style jacket. Compared to the above mentioned high-end repros, WPG's B-10 is...well, not really larger, but just a bit more comfortable. For the price, this jacket is "the perfect deal"! I took one star off for the two things that could be easily fixed for the next production run: side entries and seamed wristlets.

Kaiser - DE
US AAF B-10 Flight Jacket (2020-05-27)
Fast delivery. I LOVE THIS JACKET. Finally, something different for WWII aviation buffs. Well constructed, true to size. Jerry needs to carry the cotton Invasion Flags, which would really set it off! Good job, WPG.

Self - US
very nice jacket (2020-04-28)
Can't judge the historicity, but it is a very very very nice jacket

Bouchaud - FR
Many thanks. (2020-04-21)
Received the jacket in super fast time. The quality of the jacket for this price beggars belief, especially in this size!
Hope to trade with you some more in the future.
Many thanks and take care.

Clements - UK
A Good Repro (2020-03-28)
I have an original and an Averix copy. I like this; it's very good for the price. My two complaints are the hand warmer pockets and the color should be more olive drab. The original alpaca lining would make the jacket too hot anyway. For $95, we purists will have to "bite our tongues." Besides, the general population won't know anyway.

DiMattina - US
Nice B10 (2020-03-11)
For $95 this is a lot of jacket. I have my father in laws jacket from WW2 and a custom B10 I had made from Aeroleather in 2005 for $650. Let’s get this out of the way first. This is not a $650 jacket, but, for the price , the WPG B10 looks good enough! If you are looking for an exact copy, this jacket has some minor areas that have been adapted. The lining is not alpaca, the buttons are a tad too large, and there are modern day hand warmer pockets. But I kinda expected variances at the price, which I’m ok with. Honestly I really like this B10, it’s comfortable, fits well, inexpensive, I won’t feel bad knocking about in this jacket as an everyday item.

Steve - USA
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