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1899 breeches...Color (2022-08-23)
Very nice pants. I purchased these for an explorer character and they fit the bill... with one exception... They are too dark. Khaki was much lighter in the 1800's and early 1900's. These are a bit dark. I have washed them and dried them twice and they refuse to fade. Suggestions?

Faires - US
Well made, good looking (2021-05-18)
These look great and are well constructed. Certainly seems as though they'll last a long while and through much use.

Clark - US
Very fast delivery = A+ (2020-09-11)
Look and feel of quality

Hammock - US
Overall pleased (2020-08-04)
Nice pants. Almost jodhpurs which is the look for which I was going. I don’t recall them ever specifying inseam. Didn’t have a choice and as these aren’t on a model, not sure where they are supposed to fall. They hit me above the ankle. Which, if that’s correct, then fine. I just have a thing about my pants being too short. With gaiters, long putties (not a tropical item), high boots, etc. it’s not really a problem. And I’m not specifically reenacting a soldier.

I washed them before I wore them and in one wearing I had to sew a fly button back on. So there is a tad quality problem.

Cox - US
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