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Quick delivery (2023-10-16)
Good price for the bag. I thought it would be a Khaki color, lighter than seen on the website. Pleased over all.

Sosnowski - US
Looks good but very thin (2021-10-19)
A little disappointed by this, looks good but the material is paper-thin, No idea if the WWII were made of the same cloth but I would think you will end up with holes if you do use it. Ok for the price.

Good stuff (2021-07-26)
Another great item and fast shipping

Ratcliffe - US
Excellent quality and quick shipping (2021-03-27)
This works as it should, nice to keep the pegs together and easy to locate.

Somers - US
Fast Delivery (2019-12-12)
It was a fast delivery of the items I ask for US Tent Peg Bag

Sandlin - US
Excellent (2019-01-17)
ery well packaged and very good material

Fast delivery! (2018-10-28)
My reproduction GI tent is nicely completed! It is what it says it is, it keeps my tent pegs together! WPG rules, I’m certainly a returning customer!

van Peter van den Broek - NL
passable (2018-10-15)
good, will work as advertised.

Crebbs - US
Super fast delivery...bag is kinda cheesy.. (2017-08-14)
Did not expect much on ordering this bag and I was for the lettering is smudged and the bag has never even been used yet?

Grout - US
Perfect! (2016-10-20)
Very well made replica! Could definitely pass for an original. Good construction and high-quality material and markings!

Guido - Italy
US Tent Peg Bag (2015-12-20)
The off white bag with war-time date stamp and drawstring closure look very much like my originals. A great addition to my living history. Also, excellent quality.

Tent Peg Bag (2015-11-03)
Verry good bags

Fournier - CA
US Tent Peg Bag (2015-11-02)
Nice & usefull.

US Tent Peg Bag (2014-10-30)
Nice bag. Good quality.

Patrick - BE
good (2014-10-21)
fast delivery,quality item.

Olivieri - CA
Pup Tent bag (2014-01-21)
Nice Bag

Zaricor - US
Tent Peg Bag (2013-10-09)
Great item to keep the pegs in. Highly recommend it to anyone purchasing the Tent Pegs.

Pizzano - US
( U.S.G I WW2 era ) Tent Peg Bag (2013-05-17)
- nice copy of the *original (?)
- I say "*original", because I own at least 2*, purchased in '97 (they also appear in my (J Peterson) copy of the 3-_ QM Catelog - tho' some swear these never really existed.
- This is the 'white' version (tho' I know of "originals" in OD)
- Maj Jerry used to say these were quickly lost by GI's; as I'm sure he's right - 'you'll need 2 ! (the QM listed these as expendible (sp) items like the pegs they held)

Reus - US
US Tent Peg Bag (2013-04-06)
Very well done. They look and feel great.

Irving - US
Canvas peg bag (2013-04-03)
Got what I expected. Delivery time was incredible!

TemboTusk - US
tent peg bags (2013-03-08)
Two bags were well made the other bag was not properly stitched and was open on the side--I had to sew it myself before it could be used

Scott - US
legging laces (2013-03-08)
They are great spares

Scott - US
Pegged (2013-01-02)
Absolutely excellent quality. They will a great addition to my tent. The only reason I didn't rate a "5" was the price.

Hayworth - US
Tent Peg Bag (2011-12-11)
Really surprised at the quality for the price. Very nice highly recommended!

Geisert - US
Tanker Helmet (2011-12-09)
All timme the same, Great Quality and perfect
Service.Thanks to WPG Team and Jerry for Contact
and Information

Schlomacher - DE
tent pegs (2011-12-01)
Great,bags ,-mayben
not only for pegs,- great and fast service

Schlomacher - DE
US Tent Peg Bag (2011-11-22)
great little bag, as always well above the compotition. great service as well.

beeson - GB
tent peg bags (2011-04-17)
nice tent peg bags. soon i will be recieving my tent pegs then i will be very happy and tent will be complete. thanks WPG and JERRY.

Tent Peg Bag (2010-10-12)
Very thoughtful reproduction. I have never seen an original, but I am sure that they didn't survive the war(s). I have one for each of my (4) shelter half sets.

Speer - US
wales (2010-06-07)
Good quality and well made. Must be used on soft turf and not in winter I think as the pegs could break.

Very good (2010-04-19)
Looks great! But I had expected heavier material. Nevertheless I am fine with it.

Chaban Dmitriy - UA
Excellent reproduction (2010-01-07)
Great, well made.

Chris - NZ
US Tent Peg Bag (2009-08-31)
Excellent replica of a hard to find and not often seen item.

Jim - US
Mr (2009-08-25)
Another top item, Keep up the great work.

Toohey - AU
thanks (2009-04-11)
Excellent repro, as always

Joe, NY - US
A very noce reproduction!! (2009-03-28)
Very fast shipping and a very nice service!!!

Nice little item (2008-05-01)
If you are looking for a small yet detailed item to add to your kit that won''t break the bank, then this here US Tent Peg Bag is just the little gem. Accurate and priced right - the perfect "extra" to add to that "big" order.

Lance - Maine
Good for holding other stuff too (2008-01-04)
I use my spare tent peg bag to hold my ziploc bags of carbine blanks (holds 300 rounds of .30 cal easily). This lets me keep my ammo close at hand without the public really knowing what''s inside. Can also be used to hide Clif Bars and other modern-day rations. Ivory white with war-time date stamp, drawstring closure.

Troy - Tampa, Florida
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