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Great product (2023-11-17)
Good value

gruner - US
Quick delivery (2023-10-16)
Good price, cheaper than other sites. Look just like the originals I have seen. Nice addition for my grandsons impression.

Sosnowski - US
US Tent Peg (2023-08-10)
Good quality reproduction.

Cross - US
Fast Delivery as always (2023-06-13)
Nicely made, look just like my originals!

Cliburn - US
Accurate (2022-11-21)
Standard specs and well done.

Haynes - US
Very Nice (2021-10-09)
Was looking for these for awhile and finally found them at a good price here. They look to be quality made and just like the originals.

Kisser - US
Ready for use (2021-07-24)
Very nicely done in usual WPG quality and ready for use!

von Wyl - CH
EXCELLENCE (2021-07-06)
Always the BEST Quality and faithful to details!!!

Manicchia - US
Perfect Reprodiction Stake and Very Functional (2021-01-26)
I have bought these before and they are very good reproductions, functional, and long lasting. As with any wooden stake, don't use a metal driver, either a wooden or nylon mallet. If they were a little cheaper I would buy a hundred of these!

Crawley - US
US Tent Peg (2020-08-23)
Thank you very much for the rare tent.

Tent Peg (2020-08-22)
Dear sir

Thank you very much for the tent and peg.
WW2 Early Marine Corps tents are not easy to re-production, so I'm glad to be able to buy them.
I think that there is probably to order again, thank you at that time.

Great product, GreatService (2020-06-21)

St.Germain - US
Great (2018-11-01)
Ships very fast

Shotts - US
Fast delivery (2018-10-04)
***** Great product with fast delivery *****

Nice (2018-08-31)
Purchased one to show junior high students items that were used when teaching about World War 2.

Radford - US
Very Nice! (2017-12-08)
Very good reproduction of the originals. Super fast delivery too.

Great price. Fast shipping! (2017-08-14)
Tent pegs look amazing and priced Right. Speedy fast shipping also...

Grout - US
Fast delivery ... great quality (2017-08-11)
Easy on line ordering - great communication - very satisfied

Trachsel - US
Perfect! (2016-10-20)
Just perfect, in size, shape, and quality of the wood!

Guido - Italy
Quick n easy (2016-10-03)
As always a great product

Daly - US
fast delivery (2016-06-05)
The wooden tent pegs and the WW1 US first aid pouch was exactly what I expected. They were great Thanks, R.G.Davis

Davis - US
Fast Delivery (2016-03-31)
Great tent pegs and super fast delivery

Leaf - US
Fast delivery (2016-01-16)
The quality of your product.I am really very satisfied

R�my - FR
Tent Pegs (2015-12-31)
Wow they are outstanding just what I needed and a cheap price. Shipping was super fast got it in less than 7 day.

Monroe - US
Great shop! (2015-06-23)
Fast shipping as usual

jahnke - US
US Tent Peg (2015-05-26)
Great reproduction!

Kendall - US
Tent Pegs (2015-05-06)
Look to be well made and price is excellent. Shipping was very fast as well. Great job.

Martin - US
tent peg (2015-04-09)
good item for price

ODonnell - US
Nice (2014-12-01)
Nice tent pegs.

musselwhite - US
tent pegs (2014-04-24)
not been used at this stage but seem fine

McMurtrie - AU
U.S. Tent pegs. (2013-12-05)
First set of tent pegs from W.P.G. good quality authentic, identical. Thanks W.P.G.

U.S. Tent pegs. (2013-12-16)
Good quality all were identical and when they are compared with original ww2 photos they look very similar to the originals.Thanks W.P.G.

Tent Pegs (2013-10-09)
Perfect match to the set I already had.

Pizzano - US
Pegged (2013-01-02)
Absolutely fantastic quality. They will be a great addition to my tent display. The only reason I didn't give them a "5" was the price.

Hayworth - US
Tent pegs (2012-12-02)
Good pricing and speedy shipping

Stapleton - US
Excellent Reproduction Tend Pegs (2012-11-07)
WPG's reproduction tent pegs are fantastic replicas of the originals and are very affordable. Thanks again!

Clark - US
Mr (2012-08-01)
Thanks for the fast service. These tent stakes look so much like the one issued during the Civil War, like one reviewer said, not much different if any. Will add to the overall impression at Civil war reenactment events.

Young - US
tent pegs (2012-07-16)
awesome repros, can beat the price with a stick.

huss - US
Superb Reproductions (2012-03-18)
These tent steaks are excellent reproductions and held up well at this past tactical event. Thanks again, Jerry!

Clark - US
US Tent pegs (2011-04-20)
Another nice product by WPG the wood seems to be strong havent used them yet but seem to look high quality i'am sure they will work fine.
THANKS JERRY and WPG also very fast delivery.

tent pegs (2011-02-25)
fantastic pegs! fast australia!

Di - AU
U.S. Tent Pegs (2010-10-14)
I used them last week at Marching Through History. They saved the day because my tent is French. Only one person spotted it, because the pegs, poles, ropes and esp. the bags were your U.S. repros. I have just purchased two of your repro shelter halves, that I have been waiting a year for you to get. Now I am 100% authentic! Thanks, Jerry.

Speer - US
Pegleg (2010-09-27)
Solid, well-crafted and GOOD-LOOKING! I haven''t actually stuck them in the ground (yet), but the wood seems sturdy enough.

Lee - Abilene, Texas
Perfect (2010-06-10)
they were exactly what i was looking for and really fast shipping

Dylewski - US
Mr (2010-03-30)
Well another supper fast delivery, keep up the good work.
The Pegs are great.

Toohey - AU
Tent Pegs (2010-01-28)
Exactly what I was looking for to go with my Civil War shelter tent. There doesn't appear to be much (if any) difference between the CW era pegs and the WWI/WWII era ones. Great item and quick shipping.

Roberts - US
US Tent pegs (2009-10-08)
very nice, excelent woodwork

Delen - BE
tent pegs (2009-09-29)
Ordered 5, all but one are great. One came with a LARGE knot in the wood which didn't quite come out right. Caused it to crack a bit. I am afraid to use them in the ground but OK for display.

Williams - US
Good, solid tent pegs (2009-05-06)
These look just like my originals and with a few hits of the old M1910 shovel they should REALLY look original!

Burchette - US
US Tent pegs (2009-05-05)
Fast shipping and quality wood work.

Michalski - US
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