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Happy enough (2023-09-03)
I wore camo t-shirts back in the day. I remembe ours were made in RSA. This one looks darker & feels heavier. I need some more time to wear it to get a better idea of performance.

Barlow - LA
Camo Shirt (2023-05-14)
Well nice material, fits well and is comfortable, really happy with the purchase.

Shipped pretty quickly, great customer support

Palm - CZ
Camo T-Shirt Review (2023-05-10)
*Quality material
*Has a weight to it and good feeling to it
*Print is really nice

Have none

Other Comments
*Shipped quickly
*Excellent Support

Mathew - CZ
Quality!! (2022-04-16)
Great quality shirt. Will purchase again

Laf - CA
Great!! (2022-03-13)
Great print, fit and a vintage 70s cut to the t-shirt!

Hugo - UK
Rhodesian camo (2021-09-24)
Excellent quality Rhodesian camo, very happy WPG prompt service and freight.

Hapelt - NZ
cool t-shirt (2021-09-02)
Maybe order one size down, as it's rather wide in the shoulders. It is heavyweight fabric, BTW. A cool camo pattern and great quality!

Absolutely perfect (2021-08-21)
The shirt is more green than pictured but is extremely comfortable and very high quality.

Tosto - US
Terrific item! (2021-07-15)
Very happy with the workmanship, quality and fit...
Thanks for offering such a great item.

Harrington - US
Quick delivery (2021-07-12)
Nice heavy material. Good product.

Simmons - US
Nice Item (2021-07-02)
The Tshirt Pattern is very near an original I have and the sizing seems to be n the spot so maybe dont order too big, there was very limited shrinkage after a cold wash.

Tuckey - NZ
thick as a mofo (2021-06-18)
Really cool T-shirt made with very thick material. It’s nice to see this different pattern on a T-shirt. Honestly though if you are a normal shaped human (decent sized arms) the arms seem a little small; this is not like a T-shirt you would buy in America. Also note that the colors are different from the picture… In real life the lightest color in the picture is actually quite dark. Nice shirt though and someday I hope to see the regular familiar Rhodesian pattern in a T-shirt hopefully with bigger arms for a normal size human being

Jacobus - illinois
Super (2021-06-10)
Great patterns, great fit. Material is high quality. Well done.

Armbruster - US
Super fast delivery (2021-06-04)
Like all of WPG's products, this T-Shirt is fantastic. Jerry, thank you for all the commitment to excellence. This is so, much better than storage locker stuff.

Reynolds - US
Absolutely stellar! (2021-04-29)
Had to give the shirt a 4 because of how heavy the material is, but man it’s quality!

Feil - US
Very fast delivery (2021-04-21)
Love the shirts well made , great fit and great work

Kashmiri - UK
Weill Done! (2021-04-15)
Great fit, great pattern, authentic. Very happy.

Armbruster - US
Rapid dispatch and delivery (2021-04-14)
Lovely quality Tee Shirts and I’m more than satisfied with the product.

Bowley - UK
Awesome! (2021-04-08)
I have seen a couple different versions of shirts but these are a notch above all of the re-pops. Heavyweight and perfect for the time. The sleeves are a bit longer than I have seen, but the overall length is short just as it was back then. Great work guys!

KK - United States
Superb Replica (2021-04-06)
Well made, heavy duty t-shirt that is a very nice reproduction of bush war kit. Ordered my size and it was exact.

Roy - CA/USA
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