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Well Done (2023-09-02)
Very solidly built smock. DPM appears bang on for colour and pattern. Sizing is just right. Order normal size and you are good. One size up for extra layering or bagginess.

Wallace - USA
Excellent quality (2023-05-27)
Ordered my normal size (M). Fits fairly loose, like a typical field jacket. Quality is excellent. Has gone thru several washings with no issues. Would order again.

David - United States
"Warry" (2022-07-17)
Back in the 70s and 80s, anyone or anything that was cool/Ally, was called "warry". As in "that's a warry smock you're wearing"
The cuffs aren't quite right, but they're still good. The DPM is spot on, and I've run it through the laundry a few times and it's like 35 years ago, and I'm ready to grow a big 'tache, put on a maroon sweatshirt, Levis, desires (with paracord laces), and go to The Globetrotter in The 'Shot, and then off to Tony's chip shop for a chicken and mush pie and chips.
In other words, this smock is absolutely spot on.
Now... can you do a 72 Pattern Denison?

Mick - United Kingdom
Great reproduction! (2022-06-23)
I recieved my dpm parachutist smock and couldn't be happier. These early smocks are becoming quite rare and this smock is so good I feel I can proudly wear this and leave the originals safely at home. I recommend this for anyone wanting to use it in the realm of living history or airsoft or just into vintage fashion. You won't be disappointed in the quality of construction or attention to detail. Jerry, Ashok and the team have done a wonderful job with this dpm smock. A note on size, I am a size 3 or 6 in the old numbered size system and a 170 or 180 / 104 or 112 in the later meteric sizing, large short or reg lengths in US sizing, the large fits like a 180 112. In other words, I say order your true size and the fit should be okay.

DPM Para Smock (2022-05-16)

This DPM Para Smock was better than I expected. The fit is spot on. I washed it in hot water and threw it in the dryer to take the newness off. Now it's my favorite camouflage jacket. It's an exceptional item for sure at a great price. Once again the WPG Team have raised the bar on what one lonely man is willing to spend his money on. Well done Jerry & Ashok well done indeed.

Garry - TN USA
Outstanding. (2022-05-08)
The Smock is perfect. Weight, style,looks. Matches the trousers. Thank you.

Simmons - US
Amazing accuracy. (2022-05-08)
Brilliant repro of the now hard to find 1970,s early 80,s Para smock in the early dpm pattern. The British Dpm range is an excellent way for reenactors,airsofters or just those of us who crave nostalgia for the old days, to obtain what are now rare and very expensive originals,that are now often museum pieces.

bates - UK
Brilliant repro. (2022-05-07)
Exactly as I recall,an excellent copy of a now hard to find smock.Love the old pale dpm pattern from the 70,s.early 80,s.
The British dpm range gives collectors ,reenactors,or just enthusiasts the chance to own otherwise extremely rare and incredibly expensive originals, and to wear what would now be museum pieces!

Steve - United Kingdom
Fast Delivery (2022-04-27)
Excellent quality, and pattern. My new daily wear jacket to work. Superb construction, and fit is true to size.

Armbruster - US
Very well made (2022-04-22)
It is the high quality that I expected. Love if they start making smocks in size 4xl

Lee - PA ... USA
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