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Good boots but room for improvement (2023-07-03)
So first of all i bought these boots as a modern boot not for my reenactment impression so i will not comment on any authenticity. And some of the ishues i list here may be a result of the authentic style of boot that was copied for this one.

So these boots are solid. the anti tracking sole still offers plenty of grip. Though if they had a replica of thd military ishue bata boots id have prefered those.

The construction is good all seams are double or tripple stitched and are unlikely to give in. They fit nice and roomy in the toe area so they are realy comfortable. The leather is of good quality yet it takes some time before it absorbs any grease because of the leather dye. The tongue is of superthin leather which makes it fold up around your foot real nice and create a good seal in wet conditions.
However the leather of the cuff could in my opinion have been a bit thicker.

Now for my biggest problem with these. The buckles. Now these buckles do show up on the originals so its not unauthentic but sure where they yhe cheapest choice back in the day. Thd buckles are made of a thin stamped sheet they have no rollers nor rounded edges on thd bottem side. So they do not fasten very smoothly and are hard to pull tight without digging their sharp thin edge in the leather strap thus damaging it.

As this is meant for modern use i replaced those with the heavy brass buckles from a old pair of us ww2 replicas i had laying around and this fixed the ishue.

Bart - The netherlands
Very Nice! (2022-08-05)
I have been abusing these boots for the better part of a month now and they are holding up nicely! Not an exact military issue boot but more like the private purchase boots that many Rhodies would have gotten. Beautiful boots!

Tyler - United States
Super (2022-06-06)
Excellent construction, great fit (a little on the large size, and wide) but happy to have some room for thick socks. Very happy to see these reproduced and done properly. Love the anti-tracking soles.

Armbruster - US
Very well made (2022-06-04)
Obviously not a copy of your exact Army issue Rhodie boots, but a very good copy of one of the clandestine types which were available for private purchase at the time. Well made and true to size. These would be great for any re-enactor and will save using the real deal. (They are too rare to wear now anyhow) Also, these would be a nice retro alternative for hiking and camping. All in all, very nice boots which no one would tell are not contemporary!

O'Dell - AU
Great! Wide, but good, and surprisingly good quality (2022-01-06)
I received these boots on 23/04/2022, and see if I could break them to test the breaking point.

I failed so far.

I have humped about a hundred miles thus far with a load of 30-45 lbs (either by ruck, or child), survived a volleyball game or two, and have passed the climbing test. For the price point they can't be beat for a repro boot. So far only one sole is starting to tongue which is fine since I wanted a lug sole anyways. But buy with confidence, and know that while they'll probably sit in your closet they they will perform to the same standards as the originals would have

Wells - US
Very well made boots (2022-05-20)
I got my pair today and am impressed. Very well made. Looks like ordering my usual size 13 is fine as they seem wide enough. Sometimes if boot is not wide enough I have to go up a size.. something I am far less vain about now then at 20. I recommend these highly

Lee - PA ... USA
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