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M-51 Field Jacket (2023-12-30)
I was issued a '51 field jacket in June of 1956 and I wore it at least 15 years. Till my wife threw it in the rag bag. Received my repop last week and can't stop wearing it. It fits great and looks SUPER. And I ain't gonna worry about what color the buttons are. I absolutely LOVE it. I only wish you had developed this coat years ago. Thanks very,very much.

Gray - US
Great repro (2023-05-25)
An excellent quality repro with the expected high standard of materials and stitching.
Fits true to size. If you measure your chest, order that size and you will have a jacket that is well-fitted but also with enough room for a liner. I ordered a size 50L. At 6'4" the sleeves are about perfect, but I wouldn't want the overall length any shorter. 50L is almost exactly the same size as an original, unissued X-Large/Regular that I have in my collection.
Some small upgrades such as adding full-color patches and swapping the dark green buttons (which are more consistent with 1960's made M-51 jackets) for the earlier dark brown ones (used in the 1950's) make for a near-perfect replica of a jacket that is quite difficult to find nowadays.

Lachlan - Australia
High Quality (2023-05-14)
Very satisfied with this item. Fast delivery, high quality item. Thank you very much

Grazioso - US
Top notch reproduction. Accurate Sizing! (2023-04-21)
This is a great reproduction. Serious attention to detail. Quality materials and good craftsmanship. I ordered a size 50L and I am happy with the sizing. If you have longer arms (like sleeve size 36/37), I would recommend the size long, it is a great fit. The cinching strings at the waist and bottom seem long, but I prefer this over them being too short. You can always trim them if you want to.

Scott - Indiana, USA
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