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Pershing's Scouts (2013-12-27)
Received the canteen. Fits well in my original eagle snap cover.


Montgomery - US
Canteen (2013-11-25)
I like the reproduction. It doesn't look as bad as one person suggested. I wish Jerry would make a canteen with the early cap that he presently sells separately. I modified the one I bought and put the cap on separately, but it does not look as good as if it was purpose built from the beginning.

Williamson - US
very good (2013-11-04)
Just what I wanted. very fast professional service. thankyou.

chaffin - US
US Cup (2013-10-25)
One of the best reproduction on the web.

Thomas - FR
US M1910 Canteen w/ cup (2013-05-22)
Excellent repro, Only downsides, was smelled funny, but that goes away quickly after a good washing. Only wish that stamped dates could be optional like the lids are. I got the earlier style lid for a WWI reenactment, and canteen is dated 1940''s during WWII. Not a biggie, but still can be annoying.

Jeremy - OHIO USA
canteen and cup (2013-05-08)
has been well used already with satisfying results

McMurtrie - AU
Aluminium canteen (2013-04-29)
This is perfect: many friends of mine thought it was original.

Rossi - IT
US M1910 Canteen with Cup (2013-04-15)
Great repros, chain is a bit thin & stiff, anyways still like it. I'm still awaiting for the plastic cap to be re-stock.

Peter - SG
M1910 Aluminum Canteen , Cup, and Cap (2013-04-06)
I really love this beauty. It shines like Ft, Knox! Thanks for keeping the best looking M1910 canteen on the market. Shipping was excellent as usual.

Speer - US
Very Nice (2013-03-26)
The canteen and cover are both very high quality. I'm happy with both.

Boyd - US
US M1910 Canteen with Cup (2013-03-24)
Good workmanship and appearance is first class! Fast Shipping! Thumbs up!

Vogt - DE
Not bad (2013-03-06)
The only things I don't like about this reproduction is the chain, and the cup had this strange "goo" on it. easy to clean off but still weird. aside from that its a good reproduction.

Fisherman - US
good deal (2013-01-25)
Seen cheaper repros, and im glad i wasnt a tight wad and opted to buy this repro instead.chain on cap looks weak ,but 137 postive reviews cant be wrong

jack - new zealand
CANTEEN /CUP (2013-01-02)


Brennan - US
Canteen and canteen cover (2012-04-12)
I received the canteen and the canteen cover very quickly. It is really nice quality and is going to make a great gift for the holiday. Thanks so much

Nadeau - US
Excellent (2012-11-05)
Got the early war aluminum cap model. Excellent quality, although based on earlier info I expect to replace the chain as a precaution.

Blake - US
good quality bad packaging (2012-10-23)
Seemed like a very nice repro canteen, but because it was shipped in a bag from the UAE it arrived crushed. Eagerly awaiting a replacement.

Blake - US
Reproduction M1910 Aluminum Canten nd Cup (2012-09-22)
Can't understand why you have had a couple disgruntled buyers. What the hell do they want? If it is reproduction, it will look new. That is what I wanted. When the guys went in to combat their stuff wasn't dirty, rusted, torn, shreded. That only happens when an item is ready to be surplused. If I wanted to walk around wearing surplus items I would just be a homeless guy. Thanks Jerry, another triumph.

Speer - US
The real deal (2012-09-20)
Just like the ones we had as kids - the ones our fathers brought back from the war, got from surplus stores. Great item at a great price.

Peter - MA USA
Mr (2012-09-19)
Awesome reproduction, couldn't get any better!

Mclean - CA
US M1910 Canteen with Cup (2012-09-03)
I can’t give you 5 because it looks not so good, I have a original canteen with cup and the repro looks smaller than original.

Hao - CN
Fine Reproduction (2012-08-01)
This is a nice reproduction of the WWI-early WWII style aluminum American canteen. My only complaints have been previously voiced and they are that the chain is thin and cheap, as is the handle and latch on the cup. Also, the shipping was quite slow this time, which is highly unusual for WPG. Usually when I buy from WPG my order is shipped quite fast, but this time it was significantly slower. Still pleased, though!

Clark - US
canteen and cup (2012-05-02)
canteen and cup are great repros. perfer ww1 dates just like my original

Dailey - US
M1910 Canteen w/ cup (2012-04-29)
My son was very happy with the canteens!

Brandt - US
M1910 Canteen + Cover (2012-04-03)
Items arrived quickly. Have not spent much time examining the details but quality seems top shelf. Reproduction quality is spot on. Next to an original the only thing that separates the 2 is the rust and obvious aging of the 70 year old canteen.

Jon - Georgia, US
U.S Canteen (2012-03-10)
Great fast service and a good product

jxgu - AU
US M1910 Canteen with Cup US M1910 Canteen with Cup (2012-03-06)
VERY nice! I got the canteen with the cover. The problem is, I don't know if I'm more impressed with the canteen or the cover!! Lol! Both great!

crahen - US
cup (2012-01-04)
Perfect !!!

Schlomacher - DE
Canteen (2011-12-26)
Awesome! Very good reproduction! Arrived quickly.

Della Porta - US
Canteen with cup (2011-12-19)
Good value. I do Great War/WWI so would have preferred NOT to have the 1942 date on it, but that is minor.

Callaham - US
US M1910 Canteen with Cup (2011-11-12)
Very well made! I opted for the metal cap. The cap fits well.

Th canteen mates well with the cup.

Very high quality at a great price.

Craig - WA/USA
Canteen with cup (2011-10-07)
Got the package deal with the Canteen holder. Both are high quality replicas. I have to struggle with the one snap sometimes, but otherwise it and the canteen itself are a great piece.

Chris - US
Best Fishsoup ever! (2011-09-11)
Works Perfect. Went fishing this weekend. Put the cup on the fire. Best fishsoup ever!

Flodin - SE
canteen (2011-08-29)
Outstanding. I used it riding out on Flynn. When I started it was 90 degrees & about 110 degrees when I came back. The water in the canteen wasn't hot, but cooler than ambiant temp. Much better than carrying water in plastic bottles or plastic canteens. No after taste. The water was just like out of the tap. Good product and works in the desert.

Simmons - US
US M1910 canteen and cup (2011-08-22)
Canteen and cup looks just like the original one I have and fit the original canteen cover perfectly.

Bailey,Jr - US
Canteen (2011-08-22)
Looks like the real thing.

Bob - US
cantte with cup (2011-07-07)
This canteen with cup is just what I wanted. Thanks

Masten - US
1910 Canteen (2011-07-03)
Great reproduction. Can't imagine it being any better.

Clark - US
Great repro (2011-07-01)
Good to go

Michaud - CA
Canteen and cup (2011-05-31)
This is a solid repro canteen and cup. No complaints.

Grygar - US
canteen (2011-05-03)
Looks like my original 1942 metal cap canteen, great item.

Arroyo - PH
m1910 canteen (2011-04-25)
ive read the other comments and have had no problem with the chain mine may just be unusual yet love it great item yet would perfer ww1 dates
great item jerry

Dickison - US
As expected (2011-04-18)
A good product and great service.

Cook - US
M1910 Canteen & Cup (2011-04-18)
So far as I can see, a perfect reproduction of the welded version with domed metal cap, issued between 1914 and 1942. When a product is perfect in its kind, there is no more to be said! FWIW, it fits perfectly in the leather officer's canteen carrier.

Jon - IE
Canteen Set (2011-04-07)
I can't tell it apart from my originals, Though they are dented and look a little older. Great item for a great price. Great dates too. Thanks again WPG! you did it again!

Kibler - US
canteen 1910 with cup (2011-03-25)
It looks great to me Customers have to remember its a repo thanks for fast service Im hooked on youre company.

Taylor - CA
Mr (2011-03-15)
Outstanding! As always.

Herrington - US
Individual (2011-02-17)
Very very good product. Along side my 1945 original, you can hardly tell them apart. Except for the 60 year wear on the original.

Crockett - US
Canteen (2011-02-10)
Had an original a long time ago. Remember the cup as steel instead of aluminum, but that is no matter to me.

Peterson - US
US M1910 Canteen with Cup (2011-01-23)
Very good copy. I am very pleased with the quality. The cup is just a little less tapered than the originals, but unless you are useing a cup stand you won't notice it.

Crockett - US
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