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US M1910 Canteen with Cup (2011-01-08)
Canteen matches to an original i have. Got to have a few more.

Shelton - US
M1910 Canteen and Cover (2010-12-31)
Nothing to coment on, exept the hook gave me a little truble, but other than than the canteen, cup and cover are very well made with good quality materials.

Baasch - US
NY (2010-12-26)
The canteen looks great and is the best.

Wayne - US
Good Item (2010-12-16)
Very soft Chain, Other than that very good item, SHipped Quickly as usual.

Wadkins - US
M1910 canteen and cup (2010-11-09)
I would have preferred other than 1945 dates. But it is worth what I paid for it. For those who complain that the cork falls out; they all do/did until they were wet and used. It was the M1961 (Plastic) that corrected this "problem."

Haussler - US
Canteen (2010-10-27)
product and service are outstanding

Johnson - US
Canteen (2010-10-26)
Prompt Delivery, Nice canteeen and cup, Well pleased. Thanks.

Holder - GB
M1910 Canteen (2010-10-26)
Excellent M1910 Canteen. It looks like an original.

Airbornecollector - NL
great (2010-10-08)
great product really like it and anyone that buys it will love it

Wight - Canada
US M1910 Canteen with Cup (2010-09-28)
very nice set and fast shipping

Moseley - US
Canteen (2010-09-20)
Really nice and even has a cork compared to my other repro canteens!

Becht - DE
Awesome (2010-09-14)
its good plus good service

Mang - US
David (2010-09-12)
All good !!!

Helkin - AU
1910 Canteen & Cup (2010-09-02)
Have purchased multiple items from WPG and am very satisfied with the quality of these reproductions and the expeditious service.

Griffin - US
1910 Canteen (2010-08-03)
Outstanding quality. Welds are better than my original WWII, and am very glad to have the WWI style cap. Ordered with the canteen cover, first aid pouch, mag pouch, leather 45 holster and 1912 pistol belt (dismounted)... the whole set looks terrific. All of this ordered as companion to Colt's reissue of their original WWI 1911 45. automatic, which I just purchased, and wet formed the holster to and it fits per-fectly. If you want to see what it all looks like together, just watch "The Sand Pebbles" for the scenes where the Lt. takes a shore party to bring the missionaries out. He was wearing these items on his white Navy uniform.

Johnson - US
Repro Canteen (2010-07-16)
Great, prompt service. Canteen looks great! Thanks Jerry and keep up the great work!

Kapsalis - US
canteen and cup (2010-07-09)
well done a great disply item i am useing this with last cavery cover and extention all dated 1942

Bumbolow - US
Reno (2010-06-23)
Shipping was very fast from UAE. The canteens with cover (one metal and one plastic cap) are a perfect reproductions. I matched them with my original issue and they are perfect in every detail. They are so good I am going to order two more for my kids.

Keep up the good service.

Herrington - US
Excellent! (2010-06-12)
You do not dissapoint ;-)

Concon - US
Fine (2010-05-29)
Like others comments, canteen is great with only two problems: aluminium chain too weak and cork going out every time. I did a test only with water, and no "metal" taste!

Santos - Brasil
canteen (2010-05-20)
seems excellent

matha - US
5 (2010-05-13)
Great canteen for the money. Very pleased

Lander - US
US canteen with cup (2010-05-13)
The canteen and cup are fine and suit my requirement for a WWII canteen. It looks good in a period canteen cover. Thanks.

Canteen review (2010-05-11)
The handle of the canteen cup is a little rough, but $25 for a WWI style canteen that isn't full of oxidation is a good deal.

Woodard - US
US M1910 Canteen with Cup (2010-05-06)
Got both the WWI and WWII reproduction canteens and and covers. Don't know which cover is the WWI or WWII version. There are different numbers of rows of stitching on one. Help, please! Contact:

Corley - US
1910 canteen and cup (2010-04-15)
It arrived promptly and in great shape. Ex quality. Thanks, John

Knight - US
M1910 Canteen & cup set w/ cover (2010-04-04)
Well made, high quality canteen & cup set - looks just like a brand new original! The cover is a great copy as well, but a little too big in the flap areas.

Mike - US
US M1910 Canteen with Cup (2010-03-05)
Nice set, good condition, fit nicely in M1910 cover

Robinson - US
Great Canteen (2010-01-25)
Very nice reproduction of USGI canteen. Can''t believe how fast it shipped from UAE to USA.

Steve - East Coast, USA
Excellent reproduction (2010-01-07)
Great repo.

Chris - NZ
OK (2009-12-13)
Good repro - thank´s

Schatull - DE
Canteen (2009-12-01)
Nice item and great service

Guidobono - US
Canteen purchase (2009-11-17)
I received my order in less than a week and I was impressed with the quality of not only the product, but also the quick service.

Schinleber - US
Hands Down (2009-11-08)
The best! Excellent reproduction! I am more than satisfied with these items. They are certainly worth their price. you wont be disappointed.

Wilson - US
Love it (2009-11-07)
Excellent reproduction, fast shipment, Jerry does it again

Joe - NY, USA
US M1910 Canteen with Cup (2009-11-06)
The chain is a very soft aluminum and fell apart almost immediately. The cork seal was very thin and fell apart almost as soon as the chain. After replacing the chain with 1/0 Brass Plumbers chain and installing a good cork seal made from automotive gasket material, the canteen is now super.

James - Virginia (U.S.A.
Canteen and gloves (2009-10-30)
The canteen and the cover were exactly what I was expecting. They are really great. The Gloves are a perfect. Thank you so much.

Moore - US
US M1910 Canteen with Cup (2009-10-21)
the best reproduction of canteen and cup very nice

Birgaentzl - France
Great canteen. Har to open at first... but nice

Chicoine - US
Park Ranger (2009-08-29)
Canteen looks excellent, as well as the cover except for the 1942. I agree with McDermott above; it would be nice to have no date at all. Color on the cover is great, though! Thank you.

Halsey - US
US 1910 Canteen/cup (2009-08-29)
Canteen/cup were top notch! Excellent repro. Fast shipping as well. Thanks!

Dawson - US
US M1910 Canteen with Cup (2009-08-24)
Excellent quality reproduction. Top class customer service as well. Just what I wanted...thanks so much!

Marc - US
Pretty Good (2009-08-16)
Cap chain stinks, cork seal disintegrating, and the canteen came filled with aluminum dust from the manufacturing. Workmanship is quite rough and interesting.
This was however the only decent metal canteen I could find and it's great for what it is.
I just wish it could have come without the aluminum dust.

Takahashi - US
Canteen (2009-08-04)
This canteen looks great, the seem welds look just like my originals and the overall quality is superb! I love not having to worry about denting any of my original canteens at tacticals.

Yingling - US
Cap Chain Broke (2009-07-29)
I attended a 10 day event were several of us had canteens WPG. It was extremely hot and we carried our canteens everywhere. All of our cap chains had broken off by the 2nd day. Everyone using canteens built 60 years ago did not have a single broken chain.

Michini - US
Canteen (2009-07-24)
I am happy to get a 1910 canteen, I am not to happy with the quality of the weld seams that attached both sides of the canteen. On the good side it looks sturdy and should be able to take plenty abuse.

Johnson - US
Construction Inspector (2009-07-13)
The canteen is just as I remember it; I had one as a kid. The canteen cup locking mechanism was a little on the thin side as I remember but otherwise good; and that's why a 4 instead of a 5 rating.
Rich Needham

Needham - US
M1910 Canteen w/Cup (2009-07-10)
Excellent reproduction. Same quality I have come to expect from WPG.

Fordham - US
NICE1 (2009-06-30)
very very happy! thank you ..

Garvin - US
US M1910 Canteen and cup (2009-06-11)
Very pleased with the canteen, cup, and cover. Delivery was faster than expected.

Bonney - US
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