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Canteen (2009-06-11)
Looks nice in the cover, details aren't quite right once you get it out however. Overall, decent quality repro.

Sawyer - US
M1910 Canteen and Cup (2009-06-10)
Very nice item!
Well done Jerry!

Rossi - IT
Another Great Product From A Great Dealer!!! (2009-06-09)
Thanks again for the repro canteen and cup! After a thorough washing I retired my ratty old originals. Great stuff, great prices, fast shipping...

Schneider - US
Mr (2009-06-01)
Great items, the canteens I got were the best I have seen.

Toohey - AU
US M1910 Canteen with Canteen Cup (2009-05-28)
Absolutely the best repro!
Well done Jerry!

Rossi - IT
Great but for Date! (2009-05-23)
Very convincing job. Pity it has the 1942 date on it, however...I understand the concept, and for WWII reenactors...not a prob. But, seeing as it's early...perhaps an earlier date would be better. Or no date at all.

McDermott - US
Reproducton Canteen (2009-05-22)
I would recommend these to any re-enactors.They are well made,convincing and practical.The real ones belong in a museum!.

Andrew - NZ
Asa always excellent (2009-05-21)
Great repro

Terenzi - US
Canteen (2009-05-19)
The canteen looks great - i did noticed that when i unscrewed the cap the threads and neck of bottle look worn and a bit bashed

Not going to hurt it but it was odd for a new one to be worn.

Romero - US
Canteen (2009-05-19)
Fast and prompt service - I was looking for a solid reproduction canteen and cup and I found it. Good Job!

McGowan - US
Decent (2009-05-19)
This canteen was ok for what it is intended. The cork came apart first thing. Now I have to use a rubber gasket. The cup seems to be of a good quality.

Utah - US
1910 canteen (2009-05-16)
Maybe you can improve the ring so it would fit around the neck more snugly. With regards to prompt delivery, WPG is AAA.

Canteen and cover (2009-05-12)
The canteen and cover combo is a great deal. Couldn't find canteens anywhere else but WPG. The same covers are everywhere-at a much higher price.

Woerner - US
US M1910 Canteen with Cup (2009-05-05)
A nice repro for the money.

Michalski - US
Canteen (2009-05-05)
Canteen is good, you will have to replace the cork in it, I did my first event and it it was gone by the first day, I got it w/ the package deal plastic cap

Rob - USA
US M1910 Canteen with Cup (2009-05-04)
Excellent quality at a great price!

Garvida - US
US M1910 Canteen with Cup (2009-04-25)
Great item and great price. Speedy delivery! Excellent quality reproduction. Would recommend to others.

McNear - US
A+ (2009-04-24)
All the gear I purchased from WPG will outfit me fine for my Cowboy Action Shooting
WILD BUNCH match..

thanks again

Saarinen  - US
US M1910 Canteen with Cup (2009-04-23)
Good product. After a good clean and rinse out it should do the business nicely.

Wilton - UK
Quality is perfect (2009-04-12)
My son has the real deal and this one looks exactly accurate!

Garcia - US
M1940 canteen + canteen cup (2009-04-10)
Great repro ! Many thanks. I love WPG !

US M1910 Canteen with Cup (2009-04-10)
Wow. Speedy delivery! Excellent quality reproduction for either WWI or WWII impression. Beats drinking out of that 100 year old original canteen. Great price too! Wash thoroughly to get out aluminum shavings. Thanks Jerry!

Armbruster - US
US M1910 Canteen with Cup (2009-04-02)
The ONE and ONLY M1910 canteen repro. The other repros are CRAP. All hail WPG !!!

US Canteen, cup and carrier (2009-03-26)
I do living history classes for local elementary schools and these items were to replace my original items that I wear and display for the students. Hard to tell the difference between this and the original, good quality and matches well with rest of my items.

Radford - US
canteen & cup (2009-03-18)
Excellent repro.

Allen - US
M1910 Aluminum Canteen & Cup (2009-03-05)
While not as quality as an original, this replica is quite good in itself and useful for keeping the original in safekeeping and a replica in the field which can take the abuse. My suggestion would be to improve the moulding of the cup and quality of cup handle. Canteen is of better quality than the cup. Good overall.

Shealy - US
Great Great Great! (2009-02-27)
I have been looking everywhere for a reproduction canteen and finally found them! Some folks. You can't go wrong here

Lange - US
US M1910 Canteen with Cup (2009-02-25)
best one so far that i have seen, minus the real one i have.. would recommend to others

krueger - US
Good product (2009-02-17)
The canteen chain is a bit weaker than an original, and mine came unhooked from the lid at a reenactment. But the canteen looks great and works well.

Eric - Omaha, Neb.
u.s. canteen with cup (2009-02-09)
very nice item,very fast shipping

Yannotti - US
US army canteen (2009-02-06)
very nice item,fast shipping

Yannotti - US
canteen (2009-02-02)
nice item,look like original

Mattioli - ITALY
US M1910 Canteen with Cup (2009-01-19)
The canteen and cup are great. The only improvements needed are with the cap. The cap is 1/8 inch too tall, the cork seal is thin, the chain is thin and flimsy, the chain rivet is loose. I think you need to keep the 1942 date but offer an earlier date also.

Irving - US
US M1910 Canteen with Cup (2008-12-08)
A rather nice repro for a fair price. Very fast service too, shipped to mainland Europe in less than a week. Keep up the good work!

Kloezeman - The Netherlands
canteen (2008-12-04)
Great item and great price. Looked a lot till I found your repo. As others have said, didn't want to use a 60+ year old item. Would have liked an earlier date on the aluminum cap model--1917 or so.

Kent - US
US M1910 Canteen with Cup (2008-12-02)
It's the best in that it's the only reproduction canteen and cup I know of out there for our purposes. I always use a stainless canteen for health reasons, and this version allows me to do earlier impressions with a good canteen. Only wish the stamped date on it would have been a WWI date instead of 1942, but the added cup was a bonus as well. Thanks.

Kano - US
cateen & cup (2008-11-19)
I needed a canteen for parades when I ride my ww ii era bicycle in parades. I didn't feel safe using a 40-60 year old original. This should work just fine!

stavey - US
US M1910 Canteen and Cup (2008-11-17)
As ordered, excellent replica.

Crinigan - US
This is my cup of tea! (2008-11-07)
Best Repo I've seen online and one of the most affordable too. I'm very pleased with it!!

Bransford - US
Aluminum Top US Canteen (2008-10-29)
Excellent reproduction. The rivits on the cup could be set a bit more firm. My only issue is that they should have used an earlier production date on the aluminum top canteen like 1917 or 1918 since the majority of these were produced during WWI (and I bought this for a WWI impression).

Lid - US
Canteen (2008-10-25)
Great product... Thanks

Bivins - US
canteen (2008-10-16)
Good piece of gear. I will probably get another! The canteen cup will need the rivets smooshed a little tighter though...It took me a bit to smoosh em myself. Good to go for a repro...does its job!

Hayes - US
Beck, US (2008-10-15)
Darn Good product. Why try to buy originals on eBay when these high quality repros are here...and they are NEW!

Beckley - US
d.lucas uk (2008-10-14)
great canteens and cups added to my collection

lucas - UK
Tim, UK (2008-10-09)
Very good repros. Ideal for use without worrying what's been lurking inside the canteen for 60 years!

Cheap enough to use the cup over a foxhole burner. BUT... the rivets holding the handle mounting on my cup are a littl slack, allowing liquid to slowly dribble out. Up the quality control a little and you'll have a highly recomendable product.

Dean - UK
My Dad called this the good kind (2008-10-07)
HI, I already own a 1960's era Japanese made US military canteen with the black top. My Dad, 17th Weather Squadron in the South Pacific said that he was lucky and got the better old style aluminum capped version. It kept the ice water cold even setting in the car with the temperature in the 90's. It's also sturdier than my old Japanese made one. Good stuff, probably getting another one.

Schroeder - US
US M1910 Canteen with Cup (2008-10-06)
This is a great item and cheapest I've see. The quality is superb I will be buying more items from shop.

Johnston - UK
beautiful work (2008-09-29)
I think this canteen is great the only difference in looks between this one and an original is the shape and color, but after time it will have the desired beating up that it needs. great for anyone like myself that was looking for the aluminum capped canteen for WW1 and WW2 alike.

wiegand - US
Great product (2008-09-26)
The canteens and cups looked great! Plus they won't have to be dipped in a bleach bath to kill anything in them that has been sitting around for 60 years, a big plus for reenactors wanting to use them!

Cooley - US
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