So that's why they're called ammunition boots (2023-10-28)
Got these for a British tankie impression, so I had to remove the hobnails. I think there's a reason why they're called ammunition boots. These things are insanely tough.

Shiell - US
They're pretty good quality. (2023-10-18)
They're pretty good quality BUT they're not what they used to be about 20 years ago. I still have a pair from back then. The souls were thicker back then and the toe was very very hard. These ones not so much. And I'm still trying to figure out what type of a coating they put on the leather that won't even absorb conditioner.
Other than that they fit very well and seem like they will probably be comfortable.

Wright - US
WPG Ammo Boots go the distance (2023-06-04)
I witnessed these boots in action this weekend June 2, 2023. Eight out of the ten of us were wearing WPG Ammo Boots. The terrain was grueling with some 3300 feet in elevation gain and a trek of some 14.5 miles. These boots collectively gave an outstanding performance. No hobnails were lost, and very few blisters were noted. My next pair of Ammo Boots will come from WPG.

Garry - Tennessee

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