A-4 Flight Suit (2023-03-14)
My wife got this for me for my birthday and you all were very helpful in getting a size that works. Receiving it, the length is too long as are the arms as its a larger size- but I will see if I can have a tailor do some work on it when I get a chance. I've been losing weight so consequently the size is a bit tight for now but I think things will get better. I just want to make sure this can be altered as it looks difficult to do so. As to quality- its fantastic! My only issue is once altered, what do I wear underneath? I've seen photos of pilots wearing their officers shirts and tie, but do they wear the slacks as well? Do they wear something else? If anyone could let me know- that'd be great as I would like to be accurate. Thanks again for your great customer service and selling a quality product!

Steve - New York/USA
Will you be getting more? (2022-09-26)
I love the look of this suit. It seems great quality and I see it’s sold out. When will you be getting ,ore in stock?

Steven - NY
Excellet! (2021-04-27)
Fit and color perfect, fast shipping

Tolles - US

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