M1943 Gloves AAA+++ (2021-12-04)
Best quality USGI pattern gloves for my battle of the bulge impression. I am impressed with the materials and quality of workmanship. Even though only one size remains in stock at the moment, they fit me like a glove!

In fact, they look spot on to a pair of gloves I saw in an Ardennes period photo.

I ordered a total of five pairs in a second order, insuring I will have a life-time supply and something to barter with at events.

Teo - Pennsylvania, USA
Very good (2019-08-04)
good reproduction i'm happy complete the package for US troops :)

russon - FR
Good Pair Of G.I. Gloves (2019-01-17)
I was pleased with the gloves. They are a little big but that is how I ordered them. Does WPG sell the inserts?

Pennington - US

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