Better than boots (2023-04-04)
I live in upstate NY. Snow is not what it was, but can still be troublesome. As i get older, bending & pulling on high boots to get out on a snowy morning is just not on. These gaiters fit well enough over sweatpants or dorm pants, go right down to my BeanBoot moccasins, &c.. They look great (and good enough for the sartorially correct Douglas MacArthur) and give me protection to the knee. Ignore the photo; a bit of mink oil followed by a cream polish smartens these gaiters up handily, and the quality of the leather is just fine. I'm past my riding days, but think these would have been OK on horseback so !ong as one was not reliant on subtle leg aids (these are a bit thick). Also, better worn with britches regular trousers bulk up around the ankle. NB: Now listed as out of stock; might be worth restocking, promoting with a better picture.

djenner - United States
Great, fast, efficient ! (2021-12-11)
Hello, Thank you very much.All perfect !
Best regards, ALAIN

Awesome pieces of kit! (2020-07-14)
These will be tracking through the desert just as soon as I can get out!

Boido - US

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