Narrow (2023-02-20)
I wear a US 9.5W shoe/boot. As this size is not available, I ordered the UK size 9 (supposedly US 10 equal) but it is rather narrow and not at all like the roomy BRIT Ammo boots, BRIT Officers Ammo boots and French Mle 16's all of which are US 10's.
With these, however, a thin insole and thin socks still results in "Big toe" pressure both on the side and on the top of the toe. Barefoot and no insoles relieves the top pressure but not the side constriction.
It's almost like they are size 9 US instead of UK 9.
Construction is first rate though and they appear to be really well made.
I'm hesitant on ordering UK 10's as replacements if they are just as narrow.
Gave them a 4 for size issues but if you have "normal" feet, you should be ok.

William - VA
Desert Boots (2022-09-10)
Quality good.
New this crape rubber on a leather sole should make them last even longer.
Previous pair lasted 20 years.
Delivery fast.
No response to emails or questions

Pooley - GB
Good boots, great service (2021-10-26)
The boots are amazingly comfortably right from the start, and look great. They came very quickly, with no hassles. Thanks!

Wilmeth - US

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