Very fast delivery (2023-05-01)
Perfect jacket. Changed the buttons and am having it tailored. Great product at a great price. Thank You Mate.

Simmons - US
Scottish Officers Dress Tunic (2023-03-13)
An excellent jacket, I ordered it larger than need as I have gained a bit and am actually in-between the available sizes listed. That can all be taken care of at my local alterations shop.

Gibbens - US
Slightly different wool than before. (2023-01-12)
I bought my first cut-away officer's tunic six years ago for reenacting. I bought this one to convert into a hunting jacket (adding leather elbow patches and shoulder patch, plus leather buttons). I was originally going to have a jacket custom made, then I remembered how sturdy of a garmet this was! The only real difference is the wool. My older jacket is slightly thicker and more "woolly." Outside of that, it's another homerun for WPG!

Ward - US

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