Early Trench Coat (2021-12-30)
This is a serious coat. The attention to detail is absolutely spot on. What the advert doesn't mention is the plaid, flannel lining, the inside bag pockets that can be accessed through holes made in the liner from the outer buttoned pockets, the hanging chain at the neck; I could go on.
If you're planning to wear it over a suit jacket (or uniform tunic for all you roleplayers) it fits true to the chart. Order larger if you're going to wear it over something. The flannel lining is not conducive to sliding the sleeves of your tux into it, but that's a minor inconvenience. And even though I live in the great PNW, it's going to have to get really, really bad for me to use the button in liner, which is cut in an ingenious fashion to fit the body of the coat.
All in all, I am extremely satisfied with this product and consider it a bargain for the money.

Rusty - United States
Excellent (2021-12-02)
Very well constructed, comfortable, and it looks great.

John - US
fast delivery (2021-11-15)
Full marks. Outstanding

Brock - US

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