All good (2021-05-29)
Ordered during national holiday in UAE, shipped on a Saturday, with me on Friday. Can't get here faster.

The uniform is great. Runs true to size. But wide in the seat maybe. Compared to an original it stands up really well. The original was slightly lighter (being 70 odd years old not surprisingly), and a bit coarser in the fabric. But spot on otherwise.

One thing WPG could really do away with though is the label. A replica label would be brilliant and means it would look good even if someone saw the inside. But this is a minor niggle and just a feedback point.

Very good with the purchase and will definitely be back.

Nik G - UK
RAF BD Set (2019-01-15)
You guys really blew it with your shipping delivery estimate- I placed my order on New Year's Eve, for an estimated delivery on 9-10 Jan. But, much to my surprise, it failed to make that date, and instead arrived the Friday after I ordered it!! A full 6 days early! I don't know HOW you guys do it!
As to the product itself, I ordered my BD along with the RAF ascot. The BD was darker than I expected, but is spot-on. I work at an air museum, and we have an original example of RAF BD, and the color/colour is an exact match. The material is also a perfect match! The only minus-side things are that the material for the trousers is a soft serge wool that is comfortable on my bare legs, but the jacket material is the scratchy brillo-pad type. Don't even think about wearing it over short sleeves! It is perfectly fine with long sleeves underneath, so this is a minor gripe. The real disappointment is that the button holles are not at all done well- i had to hand sew one side of the hole so that there was not a gap between the fabric and the hole stitching. Incidentally, I had to do the same thing with my USAAF OD51 officer's shirt. Often, when trying to take the jacket off, the button slips and gets caught in the "secondary" button hole. A few minutes in front of the telly with a needle and thread fixes it up. I just wanted to let you know that this seems to be a bit of an issue at the point of manufacture.
I ordered my exact sizes, and was rewarded with an exact fit. It collected several positive comments at the museum last week! Cheers!

Bret - Colorado, USA
Great quality (2018-03-20)
Great material, very close to original one. The delivery time was very short, even being at the other end of the world.

Mora - CL

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