Superior piece of headgear (2022-07-15)
Very good hat with a nice wide brim which comes out about three inches both sides. It’s not hot to wear at all and the material has kept it’s colour despite a few washes in the machine and out in the rain. It pulls taut when wet and doesn’t let much water in at all. As for size, I’m usually a 7 3/8 but went for 7 5/8 to allow for any shrinkage and to have it sit lower above my ears, that was the right decision. Perfect for this UK heatwave!

Bob - UK
Very unique bush hat (2022-06-01)
Arrived fast for an APO order. Camouflage was the correct pattern. Hat size was correct. Buttons on back flap are well sewn. Now awaiting the rest of the order.

Schweinhund - US
nice bush hat (2021-12-26)
Face it...we all like bush... bush hats that is... Nice bush hat... for the bush... recommended.

Harrington - US

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