Appearance (2023-09-28)
It's a great piece of work.
I wear a 38, but with broad shoulders. I went with a 42 knowing I was going to put it through several hot cycles and the dryer. Now, it's perfect.
I added a cigarette pocket on the left breast made from denims from the Salvation Army. It's clearly an 'after market' 'field mod' and not an attempt to look like a match.
I have to agree that the white stitching is all wrong for Navy, (right for Army) and not a matter of "different manufacturers". Especially distracting are the buttonholes because they're so noticeable.
I put it through 3 boxes of Rit color remover, which took down the blue and put some of that run-off color on the thread, then re-dyed it using the Rit palette for my preferred faded color, and even then, the buttonhole stitching was too light a shade of blue. The thread might be part synthetic.
Please use navy blue, cotton thread.
Otherwise, as usual, great product, great price, quick shipping and delivery. I will continue to buy from WPG.

John - US
Very good product (2022-07-24)
My first order from WPG. The shawl-collared denim jacket is of very good quality and fit. The white thread detracts just slightly but it is a minor issue.

Shin - US
USN denim jacket (2021-10-07)
Great construction and fit. I ordered one size too large for fear of shrinkage, there was none. The only reason for a less than perfect score is the thread should be blue not white

John - United States

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