Great quality (2021-06-10)
I bought 2 halves for my reenacting kit, and these were the cheapest I could find for a complete half set. They went together and setup exactly how they are meant and looks like the original.

Couch - US
Very good! (2021-05-03)
I have been looking for durable tents for a long time for reenacting, and this is a very durable tent. You need two halves to make a full pup tent. But once you do it is very sturdy. Would buy again.

Sather-Gonzalez - US
Great Quality and Service as Always (2020-06-05)
I've been doing business with WPG for years now! Always improving quality. The shelter half reminds me of many years ago when they too leaked (1970s Korean War leftovers) and the rubber lady always had holes in them but all in the wrong places.

Stacy - US

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