Fast delivery, high quality (2024-05-29)
I ordered the Nutria Brown Boonie hat. I am exceedingly happy with it. Do not hesitate to order!

McHenry - US
Great service with fast delivery (2024-05-21)
Purchased for a friend who really liked it.

Bowley - UK
Good reproduction, sturdy construction. (2023-10-21)
The construction and material are high quality. I usually wear a 7 1/2, but had to size up to 7 5/8 for a perfect fit. Compared to the original SADF Bush Hat this one is a faithful reproduction with some minor differences. The color is identical, the stitching on the original hat is a shade lighter brown than the reproduction, the grommets and buttons on the original are also a lighter shade of brown. The brim on my original hat also has a material inside of it that stiffens up and holds shape much better than the reproduction. Other than that, the hat is a very faithful reproduction and probably the best one you will find besides the original.

Grogan - US

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