Well Done (2023-09-02)
Very solidly built smock. DPM appears bang on for colour and pattern. Sizing is just right. Order normal size and you are good. One size up for extra layering or bagginess.

Wallace - USA
Excellent quality (2023-05-27)
Ordered my normal size (M). Fits fairly loose, like a typical field jacket. Quality is excellent. Has gone thru several washings with no issues. Would order again.

David - United States
"Warry" (2022-07-17)
Back in the 70s and 80s, anyone or anything that was cool/Ally, was called "warry". As in "that's a warry smock you're wearing"
The cuffs aren't quite right, but they're still good. The DPM is spot on, and I've run it through the laundry a few times and it's like 35 years ago, and I'm ready to grow a big 'tache, put on a maroon sweatshirt, Levis, desires (with paracord laces), and go to The Globetrotter in The 'Shot, and then off to Tony's chip shop for a chicken and mush pie and chips.
In other words, this smock is absolutely spot on.
Now... can you do a 72 Pattern Denison?

Mick - United Kingdom

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