High Quality Reproduction (2022-06-01)
This UK Replacement Liner is a high quality reproduction in terms of aesthetics, but leaves room for improvement in terms of material authenticity. The liner matches WW1 era Brodie liners in every way (looks and components) right down to fine details such as the white tag with printed instructions on how to adjust the liner to fit one's head. However, the liner's structure and the chinstrap appear to be made of some sort of faux leather material instead of real leather (though I believe this is not an oversight but rather an economic decision made by WPG). Installation of the liner is simple as long as you have the proper tools and knowledge of it's assembly. Can also be retrofitted into a MKII Brodie shell (WWII pattern) to replicate a MKI helment, as I have done. Overall, a high quality reproduction liner for a fair price.

Nathan - CANADA
Fast delivery! (2021-11-14)
Christmas gift. Still in hiding.

Ritter - US
Helmet Liner (2021-08-15)
Awesome product...the rivet construction is a little challenging but overall...a very great product!

Allister - US

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