Mostly satisfied (2021-01-09)
WPG service is nothing short of excellent.
The WW1 helmet liner is a pretty good reproduction except for the chin strap.
Natural untreated leather would be better in my view, so it can darken with use and look like an original.
The strap alone is enough to put me off. Otherwise a very decent reproduction.

Danny - NZ
WW1 Helmet Liner (2020-12-20)
A pretty good product, my only criticism is the leather chinstrap.
It has some sort of coloured coating on the outside.
Leather dressing will not soak through so it’s obviously synthetic. The colour is pretty awful
Would be better left natural so it can weather.
Coating is not needed.
Otherwise a pretty good liner

Danny - NZ
Liked the product (2018-10-16)
I have my great grandfathers complete original ww1 helmet. The reproduction liner is a good match.

Peavey - US

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