Few snags but got sorted by Wajed (2015-06-07)
Cannot fault the cloth or construction of these items. Unfortunately they didn't have my size in trousers so was offered next size up Andy discount to tailor ( which wasn't honoured ). When arrived I was hit with UK VAT a small amount compared to the handling charge from Parcelforce ( no fault of WPG ). The larger trousers were HUGE in all dimensions so if your large around the navel expect massive legs unless your about 7" high . Wajed offered to refund if returned but I've opted for another under size pair and apart from minor alterations should be ok. Jacket good 46" chest a little big round the waist and had to shorten belt. Could have got away with a 44" and there is the dilemma some say get a size larger but you might have problems of you do. Replacing buttons ( ok but not great) belt buckle ( WPG brass buckle heading for the bin ). Pockets ok flaps fine but pocket stitching could've nearer the edges as lining visible if edges lifted.
The cloth of the new run very near PEGASUS WSD and Suits aircrew and lots better than the thicker grey of the older run.
When altered ,re hardwared and badged should be a good uniform, hopefully will pass parade.

Stamp - UK
RAF Other Ranks Uniform (2015-05-25)
An excellent reproduction of this style of uniform, just needs some alterations and original additions to complete it. As a Veteran and former RAF Policeman I will be wearing this uniform soon. I recommend WPG to any re-enactor seeking an authentic uniform.

Bean - UK
New run OA SD (2014-07-16)
Much improved in terms of material. I love the way the collar sits better than on the previous thicker run. I think the stitching on the breast pockets should be nearer the seam. On the seam in fact. This I was easily able to fix myself. I would like to see an optional dressing pocket and button for the buyer to add if they wished to make WSD trousers.
I am very happy with my purchase

Parker - GB

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