US Wrist Compass with Leather Strap (2015-05-11)
It's important to me that I not sound overly picky here as I've always been very pleased with the things I get from WPG. The compass itself is really very nice, works and is a solid accurate representation. The strap on the other hand, for lack of better ways to say it, just sucks. It dry and brittle and didn't even make it onto the compass with out starting to fall apart.
That being said, I am still very happy with the rest of my order and as always, DHL shipping is simply a modern marvel (or perhaps scientific anomaly) Unless UAE is some kind of geographical oddity, I cannot for the life of me figure out how my order was packaged and mailed to South East Tennessee in just 3 days (if that). Remarkable.

Good wrist compass & bad leather strap (2014-08-25)
The wrist compass is awesome! One of the best replicas for buy all over the world!
Not the same with the leather strap, low quality make that the external leather cape breaks.

Regardless it worth for the awesome wrist compass.

Wrist compass (2014-07-14)
The compass is good repro. The strap on my compass fell apart into little pieces when I took it out of the plastic bag it came in. The strap leaves something to be desired! I had to make a strap of my own to make the event I was going to but everyone liked the compass.

Pace - US

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