M1908 leggings (2015-03-02)
Fantastic reproduction! Looks, fits, and serves its purpose very well. Loads easier to put on compared to leggings with laces.

Nick - CA, USA
M1907 Canvas Leggings (2015-01-14)
I bought these leggings because I have a liking for vintage styling, and I wanted taller boots without having to pay for tall boots. I ordered a pair of Size 5 leggings and the fit is perfect. They even provide some insulation against the cold. I'll be wearing them when it snows, and also to work (construction). A great product all around.

Antonopoulos - US
Amazing! (2015-01-03)
I ordered a pair of these to kick start my Pre-WWI collection and I was impressed by how easy they were to get on. And they fit well with my roughouts.

They offer better protection than the desert combat boots I wear around my grandparent's farm.

The price, fit, and overall quality of these leggings, to me, is amazing. I highly recommend them to anyone who goes on long walks or rides on horseback.

Iowa - Winfield

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