Satisfied Happy Customer! (2016-11-15)
Rare quality crafted overcoat, worth the investment! I normally wear a size 46 chest with the period wool uniform but the 44 was perfect at 5'10". The courteous service and quick delivery from overseas exceeded expectations. You can confidently order from WPG!

Rivas - US
1907 Overcoat (2015-03-25)
Super item, hard to tell from an original.

Dorste - US
M1907 Overcoat (2015-03-24)
This is a fantastic reproduction. At first I was concerned with the weight of the material but Jerry assures me it is correct. The 52 fits my 6'5" 265 lb frame very well. It is plenty long enough.
As far as I can tell every detail is perfect including the buttons under the collar for the hood (which was discontinued as an item of issue).
I'm certainly not an expert on these but I can't see how it could be improved.

Jon - US

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