The boots are excellent ! (2021-03-20)
Fit great ! Quick ship !

Parks - US
Get next larger size. (2020-12-29)
When I ordered, my size, US 13, was not available. So, I ordered the next larger, 14, figuring I'd just wear heavy sock. Turns out that, with boot/hiking socks and half-length arch support inserts 14 fits perfectly. They do take a fair amount of breaking in.

Chappell - US
buy next size larger (2020-12-26)
These appear to be well made. They come with heel and toe plates and hobnails installed - a plus. They do take some breaking in, so get them well in advance of when you will need them. When I ordered, I wanted a size 13, but that was not available, so ordered 14. Glad I did. With arch supports and heavy hiking socks, they fit about perfectly.

Dennis and - United States

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