Absolutely Spot On (2014-09-27)
I found a pair of originals when Jerry was out of stock, not realizing he was planning to get more. When he got the new batch, I thought, "why ruin my real set." When I got them, I couldn''t believe how exactly these duplicate my original pair, right down to the brass stud and grommets on the back and strap. Well done! These are absolutely spot on the real thing!

John - Mojave Desert
Better than new designs (2014-09-25)
I received my M1908 Pattern leggings and was impressed by the excellent attention to detail including the tiny brass stud on the front and stud mounts on the strap to keep the strap in place.

The 100% cotton is much more comfortable than nylon or polyester gaiters. After a trip through the washing machine and air drying, I treated the leggings with Permethrin and a spray on waterproofing.

The leggings provide excellent protection from ground cover and keep my boots clean.

I look forward to wearing them for many years.

Potts - US
Marvelous! (2012-08-19)
Marvelous reproduction, so long wrecking originals!
However I did ask for a 15 1/2 but got an 18 1/2 instead, ah well, plenty of growing room!

Jordan - Hampshire, United Kingdom

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