Quick delivery (2021-07-12)
Nice heavy material. Good product.

Simmons - US
Nice Item (2021-07-02)
The Tshirt Pattern is very near an original I have and the sizing seems to be n the spot so maybe dont order too big, there was very limited shrinkage after a cold wash.

Tuckey - NZ
thick as a mofo (2021-06-18)
Really cool T-shirt made with very thick material. It’s nice to see this different pattern on a T-shirt. Honestly though if you are a normal shaped human (decent sized arms) the arms seem a little small; this is not like a T-shirt you would buy in America. Also note that the colors are different from the picture… In real life the lightest color in the picture is actually quite dark. Nice shirt though and someday I hope to see the regular familiar Rhodesian pattern in a T-shirt hopefully with bigger arms for a normal size human being

Jacobus - illinois

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