( U.S.G I WW2 era ) Tent Peg Bag (2013-05-17)
- nice copy of the *original (?)
- I say "*original", because I own at least 2*, purchased in '97 (they also appear in my (J Peterson) copy of the 3-_ QM Catelog - tho' some swear these never really existed.
- This is the 'white' version (tho' I know of "originals" in OD)
- Maj Jerry used to say these were quickly lost by GI's; as I'm sure he's right - 'you'll need 2 ! (the QM listed these as expendible (sp) items like the pegs they held)

Reus - US
US Tent Peg Bag (2013-04-06)
Very well done. They look and feel great.

Irving - US
Canvas peg bag (2013-04-03)
Got what I expected. Delivery time was incredible!

TemboTusk - US

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